Martha Coons

It took me a long time to get here, but I’m right on time…. again! I’ve been wanting to update the site for awhile now, and last week realized this summer is the site’s 10th anniversary! How fitting then for a fresh look, and a perfect time to extend my thanks to all of you for your support and enthusiasm not to mention for sharing your love of knitting, with my love of knitting.

Working with my hands has always made the most sense to me. From the time I played ‘pretend knitting’ to now, my hand work resonates deeply in me. To do what I love every day is such a joy. Making these bags, playing with fabrics and colors, at times doesn’t even feel like work. My life flows between the business, yoga, tending to home, gardening, reading, my friends & family, knitting, crocheting and my love for (and finding!) old discarded buttons. My decision to keep the business small is something I’m glad of every day. Though at times it can get overwhelming, it still allows me the time to have in my life what I need for grounding and balance.

Gratitude and thanks to the knitters who came before us as their passion, ingenuity and creativity brought what was born of necessity, to style, grace and art. May we continue to pass along our own unique skills to the generations to come.

Much Love.. and as always, good knitting!

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