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Building and maintaining this business for 16 years has been one of the most rewarding and fun parts of my life. I’m so proud of it and grateful for it.  I get to play with color all the time and I’ve been so fortunate to share it all with you because your crazy seems to love my crazy. It’s been such a pleasure working with and meeting so many of you from all over the world. I hope all you very special people know who you are, because I do.

In 2016 I went through breast cancer with the surgeries, radiation, and chemo. Some of you remember, and I appreciate every card and well wish. Since then, I have gone to every scheduled ultrasound scan and mammogram, and have left feeling good and positive.

In late winter, I started to find myself out of breath, and didn’t feel at all like myself. I went to the doctor who did bloodwork and x-rays. Everything came back fine. I am frustrated that the CT-PET bone scans that can show cancer in my body were not offered at that time. By the time it was detected, it was too late. The cancer is now in my liver and bones, and I am very limited in what I can do.

I understand that the excessive use of scans can be dangerous, but so can undetected cancer. Now I hear comments from doctors like, “we see this all the time” and, “it comes back all the time”. This confuses me as they also say “early detection is key”. I don’t know the cost of these scans without insurance and that it’s hard to get insurance approval, but if I can encourage 1 person who is in remission from breast cancer to get a scan, even if everything seems fine, and it saves a life, then hallelujah.

It feels so frustrating at this time when I’ve landed in such a sweet space with my new husband and home, and two grandkids I’d hoped to spend many years with. And yet I have been so blessed, and experienced so many fabulous things that it seems selfish to wish for more. As I am not one to see the glass half empty, it’s easy not to miss the beautiful striped petunias and luscious peonies. Our hollyhocks are way ahead of the game this year and I sure hope I get to see some. I have always been filled with gratitude for the small things, and that joy and appreciation has been sewn into each bag.

I will miss my business and all of you, but honestly, I won’t miss social media. From the bottom of my heart I thank you so much for your support and friendship. Stay well and safe, and, as always, knit on good women.