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Greetings all,

Well what a crazy time for all of us. I hope you’re safe and sound, healthy and knitting. What would we do without our knitting? It’s hard for me to imagine being isolated without handwork. What a sad and challenging time for so many people, so love and peace to all. Spring is giving it her best effort but we’re still having some cold, windy days and nights. No matter, we’re always cozy here. 


A lot of daffodils have opened but ours are still shut tight. Buds are getting big on the blueberry bushes and the rhubarb is moving right along. Our trees seem happy and healthy and Jeff even planted peas! Spring is always so magical and comforting in her steadiness and beauty, isn’t she?

Okay… my quarantine knitting… These socks are almost done!

The yarn is from YarnbyStu in the colorway ‘Buckbeak’. (I know Harry Potter fans, it’s fabulous) I made this pair a bit shorter in the leg, and like always, it’s a vanilla sock and yes, they’ll be blocked.

The Frog and Toad books were favorites of my boys when they were little so I JUMPED at this pattern when I saw it on Ravelry. It’s many pages, just adorable, well written and very detailed. The fingering weight yarn is from Northeast Fiber Arts and I think the colors are perfect! I’m so glad I bought every skein of yarn I ever wanted 😉 especially now..

These two yarns came from Maine, purchased a few years ago at Rhinebeck.

 Generally I don’t gravitate towards blue, but these shades drew me in! The mohair is a pale, smokey shade.. so pretty. For a long time I’ve been wanting to knit a short cropped lace cardigan in mohair, but saw the pattern ‘Mountains’ on Ravelry and being it’s a heavier gauge, I decided to hold the two together and the result thrilled me…

I know it’s hard to see because I’m ready to remove the sleeve stitches and the stitches are all jammed on the needle, but aren’t the two together lovely? It looks more like a solid color but with soft and subtle variations. The pattern calls for a cable pattern down the sleeve, but I’m playing yarn chicken with the mohair so decided on a 12 stitch lace pattern instead. This will be such a warm sweater, especially with its higher collar. I had the thought too of making crocheted ball buttons..!

And lastly this odd looking thing with is actually an egg with a baby owl in it. I’m about to change color to the brown. The owl (once done) tucks into the empty egg, stuffing it. It can hatch over and over again, and is for Foster.

In the 15 years I’ve been making bags, I’ve never had this long a time where bags weren’t offered weekly. I apologize, and thank you for your patience and concern. I have taken a health hit and no, it isn’t COVID 19! But I am in treatment again and it’s taken time to adjust and settle into it. Also I’ve felt like crap and working really hasn’t been an option. But today I made a case! I have missed the sewing terribly and just getting the case done gave me such a lift. It’s hard to imagine I offered 12 bags a week for so many years! I’ll continue to work in small bursts as my energy allows, and hope I’m back to some weekly offerings, be they what they be!

And I’m just so blessed to have such a good care giver and support person in Jeff, he continues to be my rock xoxo

Thank goodness we have FaceTime etc and can be in touch with loved ones. Honestly, Jeff and I are both self employed and are homebodies, but I know for many people their lives are drastically different. That said, it will be nice when some shops are open again and we can all be mask free. So let’s all hang in there as best we can. Let’s count our many blessings, even when things seem dark and bleak. Right now I’m typing and looking at a beautiful sunset, and for me, right now, it’s a beautiful moment. Stay well and as always, let’s find comfort in each other and our knitting xo