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Wow it’s been months since I’ve posted and life has been wonderfully busy. We had a great summer and fall.. a big garden and now have lots of vegetables in the freezer not to mention all the squash and potatoes. The flower beds were beautiful and we’ve started a berry crop…. but now we’re closing in on the end of the year, so we remind ourselves that this is a time to restore, to take more time to rest and not push so hard.

This was taken on top of Mt. Philo in October when we all came together for a baby shower for Woody and Al! Lucky me, I continue to spend Tuesday’s with Foster, and sometimes have additional days! What a joy he is. Here’s are his latest mittens…..

The blue is a Malabrigo left over from this hat I made for Jeff..

… and some other scrap in my stash! I ran out yarn for the thumb, but thought that would be great way to introduce ‘left and right’.

We’re still eating very little dairy, I’d say we’re 98% dairy free .. and love it. Sometimes meat and fish… but not too often. Holiday baking, and baking in general is a whole new learning experience that I enjoy. We actually prefer it now to ‘regular’ baking….. and am I the only one who photographs their pies?

Lots of people are gluten free these days, but not us! I always bake our bread and until recently made oat bread, our staple…. but I finally worked with sour dough, something I’ve always wanted to do, and was successful in getting a starter going! It’s a five day, twice a day process. I read where a sour dough starter was once so valuable it was passed down generations, I love that. When ready to bake I looked online and read some site where they talked about weighing out all ingredients very specifically. I couldn’t be bothered and went with my eye and although every loaf has been different, every one has been grand. I’m finding it’s a matter of preference, a more dense loaf or one more airy? And we love that sour tang.

Our old house is so perfect for us, we talk about it all the time. How grateful we are… how we love tending to it, and to each other. Life is sweet indeed.

It was also a good year for knitting in that I completed four sweaters and various other projects. The latest being a KAL from Tanis yarns. I used her Metropolis sweater pattern in a Cascade 128 bulky that’s been in my stash for over 15 years! WHAT a great yarn… long since discontinued though. Love the outcome, great fit, warm and such pretty speckles in the black….

The pattern called for a huge cowl neck to be added at the end, but I started top down with a tall turtle neck instead and really am pleased. I also split the hem, happy about that too.

On the needles now are bulky mittens, fingering weight socks, a sweater for Foster and various crochet projects. I’m itching to cast on another Soldonta, and another pair of bulky mittens….. Oh, and had a great time making this sweet first doll for grand baby #2. And I keep a huge garter stitch blanket at bedside for late a night autopilot knitting.

We had a good amount of snow but now are having an ice storm. So we’re in for the day and I plan on making at least one bag and listing it. As always we love to hit our ‘funky junk shops’ and two days ago I found two vintage fabrics… one a geometric barkcloth, and the other a heavy cotton with gorgeous cabbage roses. Both in fabulous shape. I see less and less old fabric out there and just love the excitement of the find and love love love putting it to good use. And isn’t a knitting bag just about the best use? 😀

Wow do I love my vintage … everything 🙂 The tradition of the Yule Log came to our house this year.. soon after I’d mentioned it to Jeff, he found a box of the tallest, thinnest tapered candles we’d ever seen (yes, a thrift shop) so for $3.00 we grabbed the box and …

.. the next thing I knew he was drilling holes! We took a walk and did some gathering, and then some decorating, isn’t it pretty? We’ll burn it New Year’s Eve, in our own way XO…

Here are just a few of my favorite finds from 2019..

Free corner hutch and new for us vintage goodies.
$3.00 anthropomorphic strawberry s&p’s and a free water jug. The bowl has been with me a long time 😉

Now the days are getting longer and at times it’s noticeable, but we’re in the cold months now and the wood stove rarely stops. These dark, cold days are such a good reminder to slow down.. and restore. We try to remember that 🙂 and I still get out for my daily walk, which I love, and of course yoga yoga yoga.

I’m off to sew, which I much prefer to typing… if I can make it past my crocheting..!

I hope you all had a good holiday and I wish you peace in the new year.. I’ll try to be back a bit more often. Knit on good women xo