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Middle of July and a full moon. How sweet is that? How sweet is life? Thanks for the well wishes and I feel so much better. Half my face was numb for 2-3 weeks and I’m happy to say my cyborg look is gone. Honestly… there was a Total Recall thing going on there…. So, still on the meds for a few more weeks and I feel great already. Had a great time last week with Foster, always do… but last week for some reason was especially sweet. Three years old in the fall and they’re such sponges at this age and still so dear… and free. It’s like a shot of sunshine every time I’m with him…

We met for knitting this morning which was great… like always. I worked on wrist warmers that I’ll enter into the fair. I’m hoping to enter three items, so much fun.. and a great community.

This pattern is called Gotland .. it’s over on Ravelry. The pattern calls for light gray garter sections (so they’re raised.. but the stripe wasn’t very visible) so I opted to work them all in stockinette as I love stripes, especially with flowers.. or cherries (we honestly saw different things at knit group) 😀 I’m using US 1.5 on a 9″ circular and I like it. I’ll enter these, a crocheted pot holder and I’m going to do another of those felted bags I did in green and charcoal. I’m hoping for a hot tangerine (!) and will look at Northeast Fiber Arts tomorrow.

I used up the last of last years strawberries by making a scrub. Fun concoction… and topped it with the days pick of black caps..

We’ve been gardening a lot and love working outside. We’ll have tomatoes soon and have been eating chard the last few nights. Love love love to eat our own food.

Yesterday I made a batch of dairy/egg free chocolate chip cookies and we loved those too!

So all good things summer to you. If you have a home yoga practice, this is such a sweet time of year to practice outside. It’s warm and our bodies are more open.. not held in tighter, working to keep warm like in the winter months. And watching the clouds is always delightful and they’re such friends in stopping time. If you don’t have a home practice… lay down outside and breath deeply and there, you have a home practice… really.

Back soon…. enjoy the moon and I’ll leave you with a little bit of my world. Ahhh, summer.