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Greetings and thanks for the well wishes. I tested positive for Lyme and have caught it early and am being treated…. but wow, those were a rough couple of weeks and it’s good to be pulling out of it. I seem to have a gift in knowing what people to have on my healing team.. so good support is around me though of course healing is most personal and 100% up to me. Gratitude, joy… are so easily felt for me.. and they’re so important in healing.. because after all, we’re either in fight or flight (where healing doesn’t occur) or rest & repair.

There was a bag up for sale on Thursday, but I didn’t post anything to facebook… and it sold in minutes. In 13 years I’ve never missed two Thursday’s in a row and wasn’t about to start now! So thanks again for your patience….

We’ve dried out in the front but the lower back garden got quite wet again with the recent rain. The lake and rivers/streams are still high…. but welcome Summer in all of its sweetness….

My dear friend, Lynn, is running a lot of this years Addison County Field Days craft exhibits and has requested as many items as we can enter! I’ve started two pot holders because I LOVE thread crochet… the red is filet crochet… cherries! Playing with these retro kitchen colors are sweet for my soul and I love love love pot holders xo

So I’m back with Foster tomorrow which is medicine in itself… and look forward to little more back to normal of a week.

Take good care… back soon…. xo