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What a gorgeous day it is here in Vermont! It’s still wet but the sky is clear and the wind is delicious. We’ve been planting what we can, where we can, in any way we can as the garden, though drying out, is still too wet. So we have starters on the porch..

So far we’ve done tomatoes, eggplant, cabbage, Swiss chard, lots of gladiolus bulbs, hollyhocks, raspberries, rhubarb, potatoes, onions and potted annuals…. herbs to come this week! We’d like to get a chest freezer and have it full come winter time, between freezing and canning we should be in great shape.

I continue to cherish my time each week with Foster. How could I not??

We met for knit group this morning, always a treat, always good inspiration and company. I worked on small crochet squares for a blanket. There seems to be an abundance of variated fingering yarns in my stash.. in all kinds of colors, so hopefully an abundance will cover our bed! Join as I go, of course 🙂

There was also quite a bit of black, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and black is just so challenging (sometimes) to see that I opted to do just the centers, and I love how they look. I was saying to Jeff that as a person over 60, I feel so good physically and don’t think of myself a old.. but the most challenging and let’s face it, a real bummer, is the vision. Gone are my hawk eyes, though black is still okay in good light… and limited amounts.

Jeff put up a shelf so I could stack bins of stash yarns, so I’ve finished up organizing everything by weight. They’re neatly stacked and two garbage bags are full and ready for donation. I feel really motivated to finish two sock projects I’ve had on the needles for I won’t say how long (okay, four years anyway..) so want them, along with a dated mitten project, done by mid summer… maybe even the 4th of July??? I did five sweaters over the winter yet a pair of socks seems like Everest 😀

I’ve always gone back and fourth with knitting socks. Between boot socks, lighter weight socks and socks/slippers for my kids, I’ve knit maybe a dozen pair? But have recently decided that a few pair of hand knit wool socks would be a wonderful thing to go into the winter with, so I’m motivated. Double pointed needles are my favorite method, but now I do the leg and foot on a 9″ circular… so much fun, and I’m always on a 1.5mm needle.

I’ve also cast on a lacy summer top out of Quince & Co.’s Sparrow, 100% linen. It’s a top down knit, shown here in black… I’ve chosen a shade of deep warm rose.

It is such a treat for me to have Jeff make my handles!! There’s a lot of soul and good energy in his work and for me, they add such warmth to the bags.. we both love working and creating with our hands, and each bag is now a representation of that love. I’m just so grateful!

Also new is the small version of the Walking Bag. It fits nicely and is comfortable on the arm. So a version for the shoulder and the arm xoxo

I’m not sure if any of you listen to knitting podcasts, but I found a fun one of youtube called The Grocery Girls. It’s a video podcast… they’re sisters and they’re a hoot! Fun to watch when I work … and speaking of, seems I just can’t produce the amount of bags I once did. Some of you might remember I listed 12 bags a week for over 6 years, I don’t know how I did it 😀 … I worked day and into many nights (oh that’s how) and over the years the squeezing motion has made my hands a bit more tender. If I push it, my thumb becomes sore, so I don’t push it.. and I certainly don’t want to knit less! Perish that thought! So it’s been interesting to find the balance between the ‘should’ voice and the reality of where I’m at. So I make what I can when I can, still love what I do and am so glad you’re all still out there.

I’ve continued on the plant based diet and am having so much fun baking and cooking ( and eating!) in a new way. I’ll share this simple recipe fo those who might like to try it. I’ll be making some this afternoon to bring to Foster tomorrow!

1 cup peanut butter …. as in good peanut butter 😉

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup almond meal

press and bake 375 for 9 or so minutes. It’s a very different type of baking as it doesn’t behave at all like a butter/egg cookie.. so leaving it in the oven longer doesn’t create a crunchier cookie, it creates a drier one. So play around and have fun if you’d like….

They start out feeling dry, but then become melt in the mouth-e!

That’s all for now.. oh I took a great yoga class over the weekend. My practice now is mainly a home practice so it’s good from time to time to be in a class. For me it’s always the practice/lesson to soften, to create space and to simply be in the now. The only place there ever is xo