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Okay so I knit another one! I was thinking it was the first time I knit the same sweater pattern twice, but I did knit two Lady February sweaters and still wear and love them both. What a fun and addictive knit this Soldotna is! Great for a stash buster too…. This time I used the Tanis I’d won, and more of Jen’s kettle dyed merino. There is a bit less color work, no color work at the base, and I went up a size to have more of a ‘swing’ crop thing going on 😉

Both sweaters are very different and equally loved.

Thanks to Jeffrey, as always, for being my photographer xoxo

Things are still wet but there’s sun today…. and plenty of black flies! Vermont has had something called Green Up Day, it’s the first weekend in May where folks come together in cleaning up the roadsides. Many a green bag were filled! Always fun always a good feeling. We’ve been puttering in the yarn, raking etc.. and are still waiting for things to dry out. A few evenings ago we found a huge dandelion in the yard…. so we cut it, washed it, and had a delicious, nutritious and free salad! Honestly, we delight in each bud, each blossom and flower. Winters are long…..

I’ll leave you with more sweater pics and then I’m off for a day of organizing, laundry, cooking… hopefully a walk and definitely some yoga. And did I say knitting? Knitting too….. knit on good women. Breathe deeply, be good to yourselves & those you love xo