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Greeting all and I hope you had a sweet Easter/Springtime celebration. All is well here, the ground is saturated but is draining slowly…. enough where we could do a bit of raking anyway. It being our first Spring here, we’re excited to see what bulbs are here and what we want to plant for next Spring! 

This Sweet Bee & Flower pattern, by Susan B. Anderson, was such a fun project! All stash yarns and tiny amounts at that (!) the pattern was fun and making the face always brings it to life… and those antenna! I gave it to Foster yesterday and he loved it.

Always a treat to get my family together xo and we had a warm and sunny enough day. I’d done one of those cleans, so the house felt and feels great. My younger son Woody and wife are vegan and have been for years now. They recommended we watch ‘What the Health’ on Netflix and we did. I think Jeff and I eat well… we like natural, organic whole foods. We don’t eat processed or fast foods…. but boy did I love dairy! I think I only reason I ate anything was to get to the cheese! Cheese on everything… fruit, burgers, salad, crackers…. if I could put cheese on it, I did. And half and half in my coffee and butter?? Don’t get me started…. It was an eye opening documentary. And although I’ve always been a ‘good in moderation’ gal… I’m wondering now what’s good and what’s not. So as of a month or so ago, I’ve been dairy free. We were given some venison though and Jeff fried it up and it was delicious, so I’m not strict about any one thing, just going with what feels right and this feels very good and I don’t miss or crave anything. Interestingly though I haven’t lost weight, which is a good thing… but I do feel… clearer. So we had fun diversity yesterday for brunch including: asparagus patties, homemade bread with avocado, nut butters and jam, homemade vegan biscuits with mushrooms duxelle, homemade granola, a big fruit salad and a chia seed peanut butter and fruit compote pudding for dessert.

So you know how you’re knitting something and then something else comes to mind and startitis happens? Well, the Humulus is coming along and I’m happy with it, but saw a pattern called Soldotna Crop on Ravelry and cast on quickly.. partly because it uses four colors of dk weight yarn, and while looking for ‘bee yarn’ I’d pulled out other stash yummies and on the table were four colors I LOVED together. I was contemplating the color sequence but the yardage decided it for me. Funny in that Humulus is pretty with a sharp contrast and I’m using a variegated yarn… and Soldotna is gorgeous in variegated yarns and I’m using sharp solids! That said… I’d won two dk skeins of Tanis yarn (favorite yarn) so have pulled those for the next one! Yes, I’m knitting two 😉 now to decide on the other three shades…

Currently the other is coming along well and the fit it good. I’m thinking that the Tanis one will be a bit oversized…

Yes the colors are bright! And I love that. All from my stash… Venenzia in black from Cascade, a Norwegian white but not white… prettiest shade. An undefined red and my friend Jen’s kettle dyed in lizard. The sleeves are cropped, so after removing them from the sweater body, there’s just the ribbing to do. I’m working them now to see if I have enough for the bottom! Another really fun knit.

I’m off to start the day with some yoga. Stay well good women and do knit on. I saw a project on Ravelry this morning called ‘4 years of my life’… and was again reminded of the of the impact and importance knitting has in our lives. Cheers to that, and cheers to this sweet life.