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Well it’s been awhile hasn’t it! All things in their time…. As I type we’re getting an Nor’easter, and what a storm it is! True to its name the snow is falling hard and steady. A good day indeed to make a list and get through it. Playing outside is on my list for sure, so before too long I’ll don my snowshoes and will explore! I love being out in our storms.

Yes they’re both loves and bundles of joy 😉  Foster has already grown out the first two hats I made him, but here’s the latest for him to grow into!

Ella Rae Chunky in the nicest shade of deep blue green. Again, it’s the Purl Soho Garter stitch Hat. Finished up Hannah’s Christmas hat too! The pattern is ‘Singapore Sling’. You can find it on Ravelry. The shade is such a pretty pale voilet/plum, I think it was Malibrigo. Great pattern, really a fun knit.

Now whenever a pattern calls for a K1, P1 ribbing, I use my most favorite cast on, looks tubular but it’s so easy! And, such a beautiful edge with nice give.

Woodrow made this nostepinne (sold out) of Yellow Birch and hopes to make more. He’s headed out of town next week and has lots to dow with his tops, but the plan is for us to offer these steadily.

And because we all love to Ohhhh & Ahhhhh ….

I saw a beautiful shawl I instantly (!) fell in love with. Freesia by Annie Baker. It’s from 2013 and featured on Malibrigo’s Instagram page.  With all the yarn I have, of course I stopped at a yarn shop on my way home, and found this, what a nice surprise! Distributed by Plymouth, it’s called Nako ‘Calico’, a 50/50 cotton acrylic blend. $8- something a skein, I needed 750 yards so purchased 3, not bad at all. I love the neutral shade and am enjoying it, but it’s splitty. I quickly switched to my sharps and they make all the difference. That said I find myself more aware and checking the work often to be sure so split stands are out of order. I’m on a size 6, my favorite! It’s been hard to put down today, that freshly started project fever we all know and love! Also today just finishing the second thumb on a pair of mittens for Woody. Speaking of mittens, I’m heading out to enjoy the snow… !!

Stay well & warm and knit on good women XO

…. especially during the storms.