January 22, 2018

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  It was another quick week. The temperatures have warmed up a bit and today is in the mid 20’s, overcast and damp. After helping Taylor and the family move, the weekend was one of rest and chicken soup as I felt under the weather. So out came the Flowers in the Snow crochet project (as an infusion of color was needed) and I napped and caught up on needed rest. This really is the season of rest, a time to restore, reflect and simply put… hunker down. Thoreau put it beautifully: “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air,...

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January 15, 2018

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We’re still in the deep freeze even though there was a brief warm break, very brief 😉  In the next couple of days things are supposed to get back to more ‘normal’ temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s. Foster now has a back-up pair of mittens. A sweet little pair made from a self striping super wash wool but the label is worn off. With there being so few stitches on the needle the stripes are wide for sure, but what a fun little pair of mittens! They’re all getting ready to move into their new home..  so yesterday I visited, delivered the mittens...

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January 6, 2018

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  New Year’s greetings! We’ve had bitter cold and lots of snow and last night we had yet another storm. Yoga was cancelled yesterday morning so it was a home practice for me. It still is a busy time for many and knit group included just three of us last week. This weekend bitter cold temperatures have settled in, so we’re hunkered down and the fire is roaring. That said, I love the cold and love to be in it when bundled and warm, especially the woods. The cold air often feels so crips and clean and my lungs love it.    ...

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December 18, 2017

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Snow and cold have settled in, and isn’t it beautiful. Clear blue skies, clear, stary nights with the waning moon have been stunning…. It’s a busy time with so many scrambling and it’s just so busy. But I’m taking today to check in with you all, and then to putter, stay warm and knit. I’ve started Foster’s stocking over as I wasn’t happy with the yarn, I think it was the yarn. Whatever it was the feeling wasn’t there so now that it feels right, I’m not sure I have the time! Either...

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December 4, 2017

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We had our knit group holiday get together on Friday evening and look at the lovely table! We’d drawn names for gifts and each brought something to eat and let me just say that meeting this lovely group of women certainly has enriched my life in countless ways. That, and there’s gingerbread, and then there’s gingerbread… It was a sweet weekend with a visit with Woody and Al, stopping in at fun shops, woods walking and a full moon walk which was beautiful and as always….. magical. Oh, and I scored some vintage...

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November 27, 2017

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Here’s hoping y0u all had a sweet time with family and friends and a Thanksgiving of blesssings. Those blessing are always there, just good to notice 😉 I drove to Maine and had a really great time with my sister, her husband and mom in law. Food was great, weather was cold and the drive…. just fine. I worked on my Squiggle Wiggle What and am transitioning to the darker shade by knitting two rows of light, then darker.. until the light is gone and will finish with just the darker shade. What a squiggly fun knit! Next up is a...

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November 14

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Just a short one this week….. Friday night I was lucky enough to baby sit and boy did we have fun. We ate, read, played and roared like dinosaurs! Foster is walking now and I had a full two hours with him before bedtime. What a fantastic job they’ve done as he settles beautifully and is asleep in moments. Saturday I felt like a day out so took a drive up over the mountains to some craft shows and antique shops. I picked up some Christmas gifts and yes….. vintage buttons! With the dark settling in so quickly now, I was lucky...

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November 6, 2017

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Even though most of the leaves have dropped and the days are growing ever shorter, there’s still the muted color of fading leaves that is subtle and so pretty. I find my schedule shifting as I tend to be higher energy in the afternoon as in working on bags, getting out to walk etc… but in my highest energy time, it’s now dark! So I’m shifting to more of an early to bed, early to rise schedule…. which works well until the night owl in me wakes up 😉  But over the weekend I was able to work and walk and get through...

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Noste’ & Darning eggs….. October 30

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Most of the week was catching up from time away at Rhinebeck! I had a shed to clean out and much to do to that’s unrelated to the business of bag making. But the winter clothes are out as are my boots and woolens. Sometimes there’s just a lot to do in ‘normal life and living’ that making the bags just has to wait. And I was tired… Rhinebeck was great fun and it was tiring. So it was a week that felt like catch up. Woody has been busy making his tops and supplying us all with his beautiful noste’.  I did see some at Rhinebeck...

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Rhinebeck 2017

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Betsy and I had gorgeous weather and a great time at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival. We arrived in town on Friday and made it in time to jam ourselves into each other like sardines at the indie untangled trunk show!   The next morning we arrived just after opening and followed the steady procession in. It goes without saying we made a full day of it! There was such beautiful knitting everywhere, we do love out craft don’t we…. Here’s a bit of what caught my eye.. I came home with two sweater’s worth of...

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