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September 18, 2017

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  Last week simply got away from me! Good morning and it’s another morning of lifting fog… Mitten knitting continues and now I have three pair going. One I started yesterday afternoon for Foster. I was hoping to find Norwegian Baby Ull, but none of the local yarn shops around here carry it. There may be some in my stash but they aren’t the...

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September 5

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Wow, September! Well it’s really starting to feel that way with the temperatures cool at night and the very obviously shorter days. I find myself shifting my time to be sure to get my walk in. Yesterday I walked to the lake and took some time to sit and knit and enjoy the breezy afternoon. In-between work and walking, I wound this pretty yarn!...

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Wrapping up August….

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Yesterday’s batch of pickles looks so pretty in the kitchen! Okay so I did add red pepper this time. I thought anything pickled is tasty and the color is nice. Hopefully they’ll be as good as the last batch! So.. summer squash, red pepper, cauliflower and onions. I did three pint jars and 6 1/2 pints, and love my new half pint jars! My tomatoes...

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August 21…. eclipse day!

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My first tomatoes and I’m thrilled! Had my first tomato sandwich yesterday and loved every bite. Summer squash is everywhere so today it’s sweet pickle time! Canning is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait for some more. I started yet another baby fruit hat for a friend’s  granddaughter…. this time, a blueberry!...

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August 15, 2017

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For years one of my favorite treats about Maine is visiting The Faded Rose in Belgrade. I used to walk to her shop and this year, happily took the 10 minute drive. Her shop is varied, funky, eclectic and in the best of ways, faded. Here are my treasures from this trip… but I can’t find the top to my new (old) refrigerator dish! I feel likes...

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