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Well we’re in mid March and other than ONE day where it reached 60 degrees, it is still cold and I sure am ready for warm. And have we caught up yet from the time change?? Nature is in her own time … and we’ve seen many bird pairs and life scurrying and yes the longer days and once again it’s around that corner. And so we wait….

The Humulus was coming along nicely, the short row shaping was done and the sleeve stitches were on holders. I was ready to zoom down the body but noticed a mistake rows back…. I tried to tick back and fix it, but have no idea what I did and repair wasn’t an option. I hadn’t done anything like that in years so ripped it out all the way back to just before the short row shaping. Humbling, our craft.

So of course I didn’t want to look at it for a bit and switched to my thick blue sweater in Tundra. The pattern is called Lesley by Hannah Fettig. A nice simple top down pullover with short row shaping in the back. Had I know the German short row shaping then, I would have done it but skipped the shaping all together. I’ve been wanting a short cropped sweater to wear over sleeveless dresses and this fits the bill. The fit is great and I love the length. Has anyone noticed sleeves are tigher in sweater patterns than they used to be? Could it be that my upper arms are a bit bigger? I didn’t think so either 😉 but fitted sleeves do seem to be a thing, but it’s not my thing so I omitted the sleeve shaping until just under the elbow… then did just 2 more decreases (6 total stitches) prior to the cuff. It’s lofty and warm and though I’m not much of a blue gal.. this blue is gorgeous. Oh and it’s one of those skeins where alternating skeins was recommended for an overall blended effect, but that’s no fun (!) so I just went with it. It wasn’t until I had it in the bright outdoor light that I noticed the self striping in the sleeves, one sleeve more than the other but honestly, I’m good with it. I wet blocked it yesterday being really careful not it add any length, and the blocking rack Jeffrey made me is perfect every time xo This was one of those sweaters that came from me wanting to use up some stash yarn and was to be a quick and easy knit… Until I decided it was too long so redid the body length. Then ripped back some on a sleeve once I knew where I wanted shaping, then this, then that.. it was just a ‘tweeky’ project that I was ready to have done. I like stripes… a lot. So this is now referred to as my Lemur sweater 😉

Jeffrey found himself with some time on his hands and decided he wanted to learn how to knit (!) and what a natural! He’s making a cowl/tube/hat practice piece with a nice shade of Lamb’s Pride worsted, in the round. Not the easiest yarn to work with (whoops) but if he can learn with a somewhat splitty yarn, he can breeze through anything! And like all people I teach how to knit, learning how to pick up your dropped stitches is a must, and he’s become a chap!! How sweet it is to sit and knit with the man I love XO

We’re onto a new puzzle that we both thought would be easy, but it’s not. A sweet nature scene that we both love…

The rest of the week is a busy one so today will include yoga, making requested goulash, knitting, cleaning, bag prep, a long walk and everything in-between.

Stay well, remember to be true to yourself… and knit on xo