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What wind we had today! The February sun is always something special but there’s no doubt we’re still in winter. Today was white, damp and windy… warm though, so today’s walk was a nice relief. And I know I’m his Nana, but really, is he not edible??

I cast on Humulus by Isabell Kraemer… a top down pullover and yay, I’m using up some stash. Madelinetosh and Malabrigo and even though there isn’t much contrast, I love the subtle shading. There’s a KAL on Ralvery for the designer’s 5th anniversary, she really has some great patterns. It’s been a long time since I’ve done color work and I’m loving it. Almost done now with the yolk… then some more short rows and then I separate for the sleeves. The pattern links to German short rows and I don’t know what it is about the video, but it clicked for me in a snap. I’ve avoided short rows (done them, but didn’t like it) so am thrilled to have found this method!!

There are two really exciting things happening for me… one, is that my husband is now making my handles xoxoxoxo and two, he thought to add a medium size and pow-zing I love it! A beautiful match on many levels ..

Spalted cherry which I’ve never had… or even seen, gorgeous bird’s eye maple, ash, black walnut etc….. stay tuned. They are stunning… also:

Jeffrey had the idea for a medium size handle and together, we designed it! The picture shows the cardboard prototype… he’s made them out of black walnut which I’m thrilled to offer… other fabulous woods will be available soon. The black walnut really are special, and the supply is limited.

It’s been great to fall in love with the business all over again. Look for new fabrics too… I had a great time shopping last week.

We’ve been puzzling 😀 …. found this in a thrift shop, of course, and had a blast with it. The dead of winter really is a good time to puzzle… and good grief.. bring on some color. We’re still admiring it but have another on deck..

Congratulations to my sister Wendy who is now certified in the Masterson method! She’s had a love of horses her whole life. How sweet it is to have one’s work be what they love….

This really has been a most cozy winter …. with all things that make for cozy. The light increases every day and with it the excitement that only Spring can bring. Each day is a gift… it always has been. Take good care, lower those shoulders, breathe deeply and knit on..

Back soon xo