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Greetings… It has been a long time, so long that the holidays feel a distance now. They are fun and busy and I enjoy them but also love when they’re over and the year starts fresh. Thank you Purl SoHo for the bulky Christmas stocking pattern. I’d fiddled around last year with one for Foster but it didn’t take so when I saw this pattern I was thrilled. It worked up SO fast and is a great size… not too big. As far as his name, I called it good with an F.

Winter has set in well with lots of below zero temps and currently we have snow. I didn’t do too much holiday knitting this years save the stocking and these mittens for Al.

Pattern is called New England Mittens and can be found on Ravelry. I used Lamb’s Pride worsted from my stash and Al loves them!

While we’re still on finished knits…. I had a bout of finish-itis, starting with my Seacoast Pullover. Great fit and I’m thrilled!

I requested some kind of drying rack from Jeff and he made me this! Made from an old piece of Ipe, it’s just perfect for drying…. thanks love.

Continuing my roll…. Jeff’s sweater is done too!

His required more blocking, in the sleeves! The body fit great but the sleeves were way tight though did block out. What a gorgeous color of brown/golden green. Now to put them all on my projects page!

Knit group hasn’t met in a couple of weeks due to 10 below morning temps and bad roads…. can’t wait to see everyone soon. Last time we met Lynn made this fabulous bird for her sister in law… how adorable is this??

Currently I’m not feeling well with a head cold, but we’ve had some amazing woods walks, have snowshoed and look forward to some cross-country skiing. I wad thrilled to get the snow we did, I love storms and we just had a gorgeous full moon. I LOVE skiing in the moonlight but the head cold stopped me so hopefully next month…..

The house is coming along well as we pick little projects as we go. Daily walks are a given and yoga remains ever present in my (our) lives. My group class of 12 years is an hour away, but I do try and go on occasion as those connections are dear to me. It’ll be easier to get there once spring arrives and it’s light and warm in the mornings! The days do feel longer though the grip of winter is tight and we have weeks to go. So soups and stews and all things cozy and wintery….

My Tuesday mornings with Foster are delicious and look what we have here….

What a natural xoxoxo

So stay well and warm. Remember to take the very best care of yourself.. for me this means honest yes’s and no’s, a good diet and being in nature every day. Taking time for myself, breathing and keeping my monkey mind in check. Not a bad recipe…..

Knit on good women and I’ll be back soon xo