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There are five beautiful nostepinne available now. My younger son makes them and they’re lovely!

Foster and I had fun as always…. made a ‘snow house’ two weeks ago along with a very little snow man. How adorable is this lil’ munchkin??

My new studio was doing well until I couldn’t find my business cards so I went through EVERYTHING, found them (!) and am back more organized than ever 🙂 The colors are so much fun, our funky summertime finds are fitting in beautifully and I can see snow falling from the window.. perfect.

I keep thread on thread racks (those easel-ish things) on my sewing table which generally has been against a wall… but not now. While sewing last week one rack went flying off, crashing to the floor, and the other soon followed… and I’d just organized them by color 😀  Jeffrey had the idea to use an old mirror we’d found, so along with glue and some patience we came up with this. I love it!





We had a freezing Thanksgiving… snow snow snow.. and now most has melted but it’s cold again with flurries dancing around going all different direction in the wind. Sunday we took a drive and I caught up on Jeff’s sweater (ribbing now to the bottom) and my crocheted wrap which is almost done. While going through all boxes I was so excited to find my mom’s old recipe box. I didn’t think I had it so  have had so much fun looking through it! Such a treasure and it is packed 😀 There were four recipes for Indian Pudding and each a bit different so I couldn’t resist trying it. Any reason to turn the oven on this time of year 😉  I cut the recipe in half just to see how it is, and didn’t realize it bakes for a l-o-n-g time. And odd in that after an hour of baking, more milk is added and it bakes for yet another two hours! I couldn’t justify that much oven usage for that little pudding so it’s on the wood stove and the molasses/ginger smell is wafting upstairs to me…. hope it tastes as good as it smells.

So I’m organized and am here for the day working on bags and cases for tomorrow. The house continues to come along beautifully and I can’t wait to have my family here on Saturday for (my birthday)  and to show them what we’ve done and how our fun finds, like old barkcloth and vintage wall sconces, look in this dear old house..





Stay well and knit on good women,

Martha xo