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Time has passed and I barely know where to begin.. Let’s start with Rhinebeck! What can one say? Fiber, friends and more yarn than I can see in a day. Indie Untangled was great this year with three, two hour time slots. We were in the first group so received a fun goodie bag filled with various coupons, measuring devices, stitch markers etc… excellent. My first splurge wasn’t even on yarn (!) but on a striped 100% linen apron (yes I know I could make it, hence the splurge) and a weighty 300 yards of bulky that’s dream worthy. Knits About Winter by Emily Foden is becoming popular though I hadn’t heard of it. It was there on display but wasn’t available for purchase until the next day…


… so early in the morning (as in early.. we were part of the first 10 people through the gates!) I headed straight away to the book section which was empty (hard to imagine for anyone who has ever been to Rhinebeck) found the book and had the nicest chat with the author. What a lovely young woman from Canada. The book is well photographed, has many items I’d love to knit with clear detailed instructions. It’s the perfect book to curl up with if, like me, you love winter and love to knit. The gray mittens are done in fingering and it’s the first pattern I was drawn to. I was so lucky to find a beautiful gray fingering yarn in a merino, silk and yak blend. What a score.. 400+ yards for $22.95… yak?? Yes, yak.. and 20% yak!    Harrisville Yarns has a new yarn called nightshades and the shades are all deep with a bit of tweed. The pattern support was luscious and I purchased enough for a fitted pullover capped sleeve tunic. It really was a fun get-away so thanks to Cheryl for organizing everything, Amy for driving, and Stacey for sharing a pullout with me xo

We have moved and are settling in! Our first weekend here my studio space was starting to fill up (quickly) but Jeff suggested painting it right off so everything that was in came out and the drop cloths went down…. yet again. It was a full weekend but we finished (!) and even buffed the tired old vintage floor which we both love.

And each wall is a different color!! Chartreuse, bright blue, pale pink, deeper mauve, white and a lovely lighter blue. What a great space to work from, cozy and colorful which for me means inspiring and fun. Love love love.


So we’re warm and cozy, the floors have been done, the majority of the walls have been painted and we feel blessed beyond words…. lots more to do in this old house and we look forward to it. People say, “wow, that’s gonna take a lot of work” but I don’t think they understand that we’re thrilled to do it. To give it all the love and care we can. We like that. We like old things and tending to them. We’re happy workers.





My Tuesday mornings have been spent with Foster which just gets better all the time. We enjoy going outside together and just hanging out and playing. He’s full of energy and curiosity and we cannot wait to see him on Thursday! Thanks to the knit groups gals who were nice enough to switch our meeting times so I can have time with him. Now I have Wednesday and Tuesday for, you know, bags..


Oh and this happened….




… and this was waiting for me at knit group this morning…!

Wow, can Rose ever bake! So life is sweet and my routine is settling. Back to work, knit group and my ‘Foster time’. An occasional visit to my old yoga class would be great but until then the home practice remains steady. I plan to list what I have on Wednesday this week, probably at 8:30. Enjoy the holiday and safe travels to you all. Remember the ever important self care.. which always includes a nice deep breath every now and then. So take one.  xo


Knit on good women, back soon.