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Well happy fall to us all! The temperatures sure feel like fall even though we’ve had plenty of days in the mid to high 80’s…. those seem to be over now. Frost will be here soon so we’ll keep a close eye on the gardens. We still have beautiful chard and cherry tomatoes… large tomatoes too though those are waining. Oh but there are potatoes too and squash… plenty of squash.

It was a month of big events and busy times. Woodrow and Al were married on the 15th, the same day Taylor and Hannah celebrated their 6th anniversary (!) and it was a joyous time! Oh just SO pretty, a gorgeous sunset ceremony and a day filled with support and love. Both Woody and Al are vegan, so I did some vegan cooking for the day along with the wedding cake! It was chocolate with ‘naked’ peanut butter frosting and it came out well. Did I mention it was also gluten free? Very different baking for me… I learned a lot, it was delicious and well…. I was thrilled it didn’t flop! Oh.. it was decorated with marzipan mushroom that Jeff and I made along with Woody and Al just days before..  Fireside smores and sparklers ended a beautiful celebration…
…. and Foster turned two on Saturday! Again, a gathering filled with love and support. What a dear little one, funny and sweet and me oh my those curls… xoxo
My sister was here for the wedding and the day after we decided to spread our moms ashes. We walked up the road to a beautiful spot in a field that she would have loved, and we let her go… with thanks, love and appreciation. So you know the usual weekend… marry a son and release a mom! Oh but it was sweet, all of it. It hit me though, being 60 and being the ‘older ones’ at the wedding, that it’s such a time of gently letting go. Certainly it’s not about ‘us’ anymore, it’s about the younger ones and the kids and the business of their lives, as it should be. So now is the time for me to support as best I can and to be there, in balance, to help. And it’s a time to focus on my life and all the beauty that’s there, every day. I have so much to appreciate and love soaking it up..
With all the busy happenings I haven’t been knitting quite as much as usual. The end is in sight though for the Seacoast sweater (!!!)  just inches to go on the first sleeve and the second will go quickly. There’s extra length to the sweater body so it’ll be warmer in the winter and the fit is great. Love the top downs!
Also in NB I stopped at a local shop and saw a cute dress knit up in Opal. The pattern was from a knitting magazine in back in 2010, but she had a copy of the pattern. Basic pattern, two rectangles for the front and back and simple sleeves…. an overall simple lace pattern makes it fun. I do feel that an overall speckled yarn would be prettier, but the Opal is just so much fun so why not 😉
It sure made for great car knitting! We’ve been off and on with knit group but I hope we meet tomorrow, it’s always so much fun….
The house is coming along… not quite as quickly as we’d like (with all the summer/fall happenings) but we love working on it. There are two deep bedroom closets, one had very old wallpaper over everything.. and two layers of it! It sounds all lovely and charming but….. it really wasn’t. So I sprayed it with water, waited a bit and scraped it … and scraped it, and scraped it some more. Today I’ll get the small pieces I missed and that’ll be another thing off the list. Jeffrey will work his magic and then we’ll paint. I couldn’t help but think of wet, autumn leaves as the old wet wallpaper kept sticking (in a slippery way) to the bottom of my clogs ….
He’s been evening out the plaster though we’re amazed the great shape it’s in.


…. and we’ve enjoying sitting (though rarely) on the old porch which, unfortunately, needs to come off. But we’ll have another in time…. until then we can enjoy the sweetness.
We’re back this afternoon but am headed in to prep for bags until we go. Enjoy the moon and early fall and all the things you love that come with the change of seasons. It’s a good time to go inward and take care as the light wanes and the cold increases. After all… all answers are found on the inside. Take good care, knit on and be good to yourselves! Till next time, xo