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Summer is moving along quickly and Mother Earth is bursting…  we’ve got the zucchini to prove it! This morning I put up another quart and pint of tomatoes. Last week when I canned I gave them a flash boil to remove the skins but the seeds were still there. This week I did it differently (when I make a red sauce I run canned plum tomatoes through my food mill to remove seeds and skin) I quartered them and cooked them down, then put them through the food mill which removed the skins and seeds. I’m canning as I go just because so many are ripe and we can only eat so many (which by the way is a lot).

The little cherry tomatoes are like candy… we eat them while picking, nasturtium blossoms too! They have such a nutty/fun flavor. We had zucchini fritters last night (with chard) and there’s a tofu-vegetable dinner for tonight. Look at how this pumpkin grew up the wood pile, across an old plank and landed at the top! Nice open flat spot, smart pumpkin 😉

My sister was here for a visit earlier this month and as always we had a great time….

Jeff and I have taken on a restoration project of an 1860 house. Between his mad ‘everything’ skills, my cleaning prowess and our shared love of old things & hard work, we’re bringing her back to life. So my knitting has been sporadic.. but knit group meets tomorrow morning and we’re ready, having missed last week.


This time of year we’re all so busy though and we can feel September right around the corner and we all know what that means….


… well it means Rhinebeck in October for one thing! And we’re going again! Just one night this year though 🙂 Woody and Al’s wedding is coming up too and I have the pleasure of making the vegan/glueten free chocolate cake so my recipe is ready and I’ll give it a trial bake tomorrow. Today was our bread, dinner and more canned tomatoes…..



On Friday I watched Foster for most of the day which any grandma knows is just the best. His vocabulary is huge and he’s adding such expression to his voice. We play outside every time and of course we laugh a lot. While there I noticed a Time magazine with a cover mentioning ‘Mindfulness’ … didn’t pick it up but thought, well now… good.

Mindfulness is a lovely and freeing practice. Eckhart Tolle chooses to refer to it as ‘presence’ as a ‘full mind’ is not what we want 😉 Whatever one calls it, it is freedom. That’s it for now… I’m off to list a Lil’ Yarn Sack and Patter Sleeve. So stay well, be kind and knit on xoxo