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Well July is starting out hot! Geez we’re in a heat wave for the week, and today is the hottest. We escaped over the weekend to the Adirondacks for a swim and yesterday swam in a sweet little lake here in Vermont. As much as I don’t love this heat… the gardens sure do and yesterday’s harvest shows just that!

It’s so rewarding to head to the garden and pick our dinner. I sautéed the onion with garlic, added the asparagus and zucchini, some fresh parsley, basil and thyme…. then some chicken stock, graded cheese and the chard was last. It was so fresh, healthy and delicious… we had it with Kasha, delish! And with this heat we’ll be picking steadily!!

And one never knows when one might just find some free fabric!

It’s been so hot that Jeff’s sweater, my sweater… and actually, anything wool is on hold until this heat breaks.. but I’m  always happy to work on my Flowers in the Snow throw,  100% cotton and small pieces, perfect. It’s never ending fun to choose the colors for the pretty little circles…

Friday I was back at my old yoga class and then had a sweet morning with Foster. He’s stringing words together, knows so many colors and is a sponge soaking up the natural world around him. Everything is amazing… like land snails and bird’s nests, tiny mushrooms in the yard and wet grass on his feet. I love my time with him…

Today we might head out for another swim. I was going to bake bread but there’s no way I’m turning the oven on…!

Happy 4th to all… Sum Sum Summertime indeed xo