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It was another good and busy week. I enjoyed making and listing the Walking Bags again as it’s a new style as of last summer and with the weather finally warming here, I’ve been using mine again.

How beautiful the green!!!

As suspected, thoughts of my mom have been gently floating by…. I find I hear her words of wisdom throughout the day… 

I’ve started in on the flower pots….. more to go, for sure 😉

The seeds were started and they’re up! We went to the farm yesterday and loaded up with compost and spread it over the garden beds….. too wet still to rototill but good to get it done.


Late on Saturday we took a motorcycle ride to Ticonderoga and had a really good walk up Mount Defiance. It was later in the day and the views were stunning….



Bread is rising and I’m off to work on two Walking Bags I hope to list before the afternoon light wanes. Hopefully knit group will meet tomorrow but it is a busy time of year….. we like to play in the dirt around here 😉

Stay well, back next week….