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Our time in NH was great. Jeffrey worked and I played 😀 I knit a lot, enjoyed the low prices in the local thrift shops and enjoyed the beautiful river… and the fun dining out. His sweater is coming along nicely and I look forward to knit group tomorrow! We’ve not met in a few weeks and we all miss it….



Spring sure is slow coming. The temperatures are still cool and we’ve had lots of rain. This week though, Wednesday, the temps are summertime temps! Oh sure… we’ll see 😉
Yesterday I started the seeds… zucchini, squash, tomatoes (2 kinds) and cucumbers… perfect timing with the waxing to full moon! And four or so planters are full, many more to come 😉
Yesterday, in the rain,  we took a drive to the Crown Point Bridge. We enjoy noticing all the varied bird life in the area and indeed had some fun sightings….
The Pattern Sleeves have been fun to offer again, and I’ll be offering more this week. So here we are, the last day of April. I’m ready for a new month, warmer temps and lots of blossoms!
Some of you know my mom has been in a memory unit for quite sometime. She had a fall 2 years ago, but came back from it pretty well. Last week she fell again, broke her hip and collar bone and passed a week later. My sister and I held her head and she was peaceful in her passing. She was 91, and quite a force her whole life. I am peaceful and filled with gratitude for having had a mother who gave it her all, pushed many buttons and taught us all sweet life lessons. God speed Mom. The connection of love never leaves us….