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The temperatures have been so cold, just around 20 this morning but a sunny day ahead. We did get a couple inches of snow the other day too. I have a friend who was raking the snow in her yard just to speed up the melting process 😀 we’re sure ready for Spring!


Over the weekend I was inspired to crochet a dish cloth, then couldn’t resist making another with the colors reversed! The pattern calls for a worsted weight cotton but I picked from my stash and found this pretty sport weight called Mandarin petit from SandesGarn.  Because it’s cotton, and a dish cloth, I wanted the stitches to be at a larger gauge so it will dry more easily, so used a size G hook. The red is a smidge larger than the taupe, made on different days 😉
The pattern is called Little Star Dishcloth..


On Sunday I had some Foster time which is always so sweet…. ahhh what a fun age, beginning language is fascinating.

Some of you might have noticed the Byron Katie quotes I add at the bottom of the page from time to time, I also enjoy listening to Eckhart Tolle and recently heard him speak about how it is we approach the tasks we have in daily life. In that, are they simply the means to an end (?) “let me get this done because then I can…” Or… are we present with the task at hand. It was a good question for me as I like to be industrious, I like to ‘do’. So today with my tasks at hand, I’m working and noticing how my mind can ‘ping ping’ to other tasks, but they aren’t the tasks at hand. After all, we can only and always ever do one thing at a time anyway 😉 So it’s been fun today to notice essentially when I’m present, and when I’m not…. and to bring myself back when not. So thank you once again Eckhart. It could also be thought of in knitting terms as to whether or not you’re a process or project knitter. Even if you are a project knitter… can you enjoy the process? So as I ‘do’,  I’m noticing just how it is I do my doing 😉
I started a cocoknits sweater for Jeffrey called Antonia/Antonio, a cozy cardigan with an increase I’d never done before..  KLL, taking half a stitch from two rows below and knitting into the back. What I neglected to notice was the stitch used was the last completed stitch, and I did the increase 2 rows below in the next stitch, so removed 3 or so inches of work and have brought it back to where I noticed the error. I’m enjoying the pattern and yarn…. and the process 🙂
Wash is drying on the line (how good it felt to be present in it… to notice how cold the clothes were, to not rush it, to simply enjoy each clothespin, to have appreciation for the clothes line and the clothes hanging in sunshine and the man who stung it up…. and the clothes blowing in the breeze).  The wood stove is keeping it cozy and I’m off to sew. One task at a time….
Stay well and warm…. how beautiful it is so see the greening.