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It sure doesn’t feel much like spring, even though the Spring Equinox is tomorrow… we’re in a deep freeze here with temps hovering just above ‘O’ at night. Gorgeous sun though, and the cold is never that bad this time of year as we know it’s fleeting with April soon approaching. Weather permitting the sugaring isn’t done….

The move is complete and I’m settling right in so look for items on Thursday. I’ve purged a lot which feels great, fabric and yarn too, imagine that… and have some pretty new fabric to boot 😉

I unearthed a lot, including some ‘baby’ clothes that my boys wore…. many of them made by me eons ago! There were some hand knits too including these little slippers which I washed and hung to dry. I don’t remember the pattern but am happy to see a third little one wear them and be cozy warm xoxo

Whole wheat, oat and what not bread just came out of the oven and the left over brisket is heating on the wood stove. I’m going to take this time for some more organizing before it heats up…. Knit group tomorrow so yay yay and yay on that. We’ve not met the past two week due to storms and busy schedules and I think if feels like a long time to us all 😉

Stay well and warm and knit on….