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It’s been unseasonably warm and the sap continues to flow…. cold nights too, just perfect. The Ravellenic mittens are done! I finished them up last night before the torch was extinguished…  These are the Ghostwood mittens, fun pattern and I’m pleased with the fit and texture. The pattern called for a strand of mohair which made a looser, softer mitten though mine are more dense, less so after blocking, but far from floppy. I changed the pattern and opted for a rounded top, and now that I’ve made two pair of mittens with an after thought thumb, I do prefer a thumb gore. That said, always great to have a new pair of wooly mittens….


On Wednesday I met a good knitting friend at a book shop in Essex for a discussion on Lithuanian knitting. One of the  authors, Donna Druchunas was there and presented a slide show which was wonderful. I recommend her book, The Art of Lithuanian Knitting, which is full of patterns, beautiful photos and lovely history. She had mitten samples and I couldn’t resist trying on these beautiful beaded wrist warmers.  She said they were regularly worn under mittens which is why many of the mitten patterns don’t have a fitted cuff. It’s always fun to be in a group of knitters, isn’t it??

Well we skied the Lemon Fair and now we’ve skated it as well. It was a cold day with just enough solid ice to skate on…… barely 😉 it’s such a shallow little waterway that when the blades went though (which they did) there wasn’t any danger. It was so much fun… and it had been long time since I’d had skates on! I felt a little tentative but before too long, like riding a bike I suppose, it came back.  The skates were of course a thrift shop find, a great old pair of leather skates with guards and all….. Glad we did it when we did as the temps are warming now and we might not have another chance this year.

So now that the Ravellenic knitting is done, it’s back to the Carbeth sweater that Lynn and I are knitting. She’s way ahead of me though so I’ll be working on it at knit group tomorrow. Had a check up at the hospital today and all is well and on the way home we stopped at an antique shop where I found a gorgeous roll of black tapestry upholstery fabric with a fruit design. It’s stunning (!) and there’s good yardage too. I plan on working with it for Thursday.

It is indeed a scary time for our country, seems like so much confusion and so many troubled people. So in our own daily lives, let’s work for peace, let’s be better listeners for starters. And remember, it only takes one for peace, and it starts with each one of us. Have a good week all, and as always, let’s knit on.  xo