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Trees are being tapped! And with the warm weather predicted this week the sap will be flowing.  It does seem crazy warm for February, but we’re in the second half of the month anyway. These sure aren’t the winters I remember ….
and of course flood warnings too with the drastic warm-up..


The Olympics have been fun to watch and the first Olympic mitten is done (okay so it was too short in the hand, has been ripped back and is waiting to be redone) and the second is at the ribbing. They’re knitting up really dense and are a bit snug so I could have knit them on a size 5 needle, but did get gauge on the size 4. I err on the side of knitting things too small as blocking is always possible and too big is too big. All said, I think they’ll be dense, cozy and warm… all good things for a mitten, and a pretty color to boot!


It was a good weekend of cleaning and organizing and not as much outside time as usual… but getting some indoor things done took priority.


There were requests for more of that heart fabric, but I’d found that older piece in one of my shops and there was just enough for the one bag. Cute though, I agree 😉
Two weeks ago I was scheduled to go with knitting friends to a discussion of The Art of Lithuanian Knitting in Essex, but due to a storm it was rescheduled for this week, look forward to it for sure.

I’m looking into a more anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce some inflammation I have in my thumb… and I love sugar so… it’s at times a challenge. But if I don’t buy it, I’m generally okay 😉 once in the house, I’m doomed. But here’s something I found and wow is it good…. a nice treat for the times the sweet tooth is calling out. Stevia is a plant and sometimes as a sweetener, can have an after taste. The dried herb itself doesn’t, but the sweeteners can… in this chocolate bar though, there’s no aftertaste and I highly recommend it.

I picked up couple new pieces of fabric for this week and I look forward to working with them. Okay, so off I go. Cheers to a good week…. remember to take good care of yourself, and those you love.


“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

-Soren Kierkegaard

… and may I add, to be enjoyed x0