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Happy Monday all…. and what fun to watch the Olympics! A very close friend has a special birthday today so I’m heading out soon so we can take a few hours to celebrate….! I’ve had some issues with my hand the past few months but am working through it and at least it hasn’t slowed my knitting down, egads! The bulky mittens are done and I’m pleased with the feel and fit..

I wore them skiing yesterday and they’re cozy and warm. The after thought thumb was fun, though now I know where to pick up the side thumb stitches for a neater finished look. The Ghostwood mittens I’m doing for the Ravellenics also have an after thought thumb. What a pretty pattern (!) I cast them on yesterday (missed the opening ceremonies) and worked on them steadily during the day. Not the best photo here but there’s all kinds of wetness falling from the sky, so this’ll do until the sun shines again. I’m really pleased with the two shades together… just enough variation to add interesting shades and shadows, but very subtle and what a gorgeous shade of plum/gray.

I also cast on for the MDK Bang out a Carbeth in a month KAL. I’m knitting with black (while my eyes can still see it) and am happy also with it’s gauge and progress. I’m keeping it short cropped and hope to wear it over some pretty dresses that I have…. photo soon on that one too…..

Still making progress on the Seacoast sleeves… it’ll be a cozy late winter into Spring sweater… Take good care all and let’s knit on and on and on…… xoxo