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Those of you on Ravelry probably know about the Ravellenic games…?  It’s a 16 day massive knit-a- long where you cast on when the torch is lit, and the hope is to get the project finished and on your project page by the time the torch is extinguished. I’ve done it twice, once in 2010 in the sweater category and again in 2016 in the toy category. With winter having set in, it does seem a perfect time to hunker down and power knit a project in 16 days. This year I’ve decided to join the mitten category and have chosen Ghostwood Mittens (find them on Ravelry). The bulky Scandanavian mittens are almost done and I’ll be working on them at knit group this morning. The pattern has been so much fun, they’re quick to knit, the fit is great and the color options are endless…. I’ve made pattern adjustments and will share them when completed.

Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to watch Foster and as always I had a great time. They’re settling in nicely in their new home. In the morning I picked up a noste’ from Woody, one out of Oak this time! I’ll get it photographed and listed in the next couple of days…..

We skied along the Lemon Fair over the weekend…….




A magical day and ski…… Yesterday was a gorgeous day with that spectacular February sunshine. Yoga this morning and knit group to follow so onward I go with my day. Thanks for stopping in and with all the ups and downs of life… let’s continue to all knit on.


… a different world beneath the ice…