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It was another quick week. The temperatures have warmed up a bit and today is in the mid 20’s, overcast and damp. After helping Taylor and the family move, the weekend was one of rest and chicken soup as I felt under the weather. So out came the Flowers in the Snow crochet project (as an infusion of color was needed) and I napped and caught up on needed rest. This really is the season of rest, a time to restore, reflect and simply put… hunker down. Thoreau put it beautifully: “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.

Other than the crochet, I did make progress, though scant, on my sweater sleeves. It is a great time of year for that sweater and I look forward to wearing it for sure. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have freezing rain so knit group might be postponed until Wednesday. Here’s a precious doll made by Lynn for her grandson!!

The pattern is from Ben & Buddy by Susan B. Anderson. I love her version and she plans on knitting lots of accessories (!) xxoxo


On the days we have had sun, it’s been glorious… I’ve always loved February sun but January isn’t so bad either 😉


Two cases are going up this afternoon and thanks for the feedback on the big cake cases, I like them too! The rest of today is a bit of prep and more rest. Have a good week all xoxo




“If you don’t take care of your thoughts,
they will take care of your life.”

~ Byron Katie