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We’re still in the deep freeze even though there was a brief warm break, very brief 😉  In the next couple of days things are supposed to get back to more ‘normal’ temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s.

Foster now has a back-up pair of mittens. A sweet little pair made from a self striping super wash wool but the label is worn off. With there being so few stitches on the needle the stripes are wide for sure, but what a fun little pair of mittens!
They’re all getting ready to move into their new home..  so yesterday I visited, delivered the mittens and stayed busy with Foster while they packed. What fun it is to play with such a bundle of sweetness and curiosity .. !
Woody has listed a new grouping of beautiful tops in his shop… and I have three lovely nostepinne that I’ll list soon.
Say what you will about the deep freeze and crazy weather, it sure makes for beautiful happenings in nature…..
Whether we notice it or not, it’s there…. good to notice.

And the beautiful Crown Point Bridge…

 I’m still working on the sleeves for the Seacoast Pullover and one sleeve is close to the final ribbing, just a short break for those little Foster mittens.
Cooking has been fun, lot’s of hearty winter stick to your rib eats… chicken and dumplings, good soups, baked root vegetables and healthy meats. And yesterday a stick to your ribs cake, the old Tomato Soup Cake! Oh that almond frosting is good… was my dad’s favorite XO
Start-itice has creeped in a bit and I found some Sublime kid mohair blend in my stash so am looking at Ghostwood Mittens on Ravelry. I hope the pretty cable shows in the mohair, and think it will at a tighter gauge. I’d like to start them today, if not, tomorrow at knit group for sure. Love Tuesdays xoxo
I think a cross-country ski might happen today. It’s clear cold and beautiful out…. Nice isn’t it, to see the days growing longer. Good to know it’s happening anyway… 🙂
Stay well and warm. Thanks for checking in and let’s all knit on…..
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Abraham Joshua Heschel