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New Year’s greetings! We’ve had bitter cold and lots of snow and last night we had yet another storm. Yoga was cancelled yesterday morning so it was a home practice for me. It still is a busy time for many and knit group included just three of us last week. This weekend bitter cold temperatures have settled in, so we’re hunkered down and the fire is roaring. That said, I love the cold and love to be in it when bundled and warm, especially the woods. The cold air often feels so crips and clean and my lungs love it.



Last week I was sent a picture of Foster playing outside and I noticed he had socks on his hands! Egads, totally unacceptable 😀 So out came my go to mitten book ‘Gloves and Mittens  To knit for the entire family.’ A book by NOMIS originally from the 40’s-50’s? Great that it’s been reprinted! I went with the 2 year size and reduced the length in both the hand and thumb. Without seeing his hands it was a guessing game to get the size right, but I guessed and the fit is great… and he’s got a bit of room to grow. The yarn is from my stash… a wool blend from Hikoo called ‘Kenzie’ in lime. I gave them a soak, pressed them in a towel, popped them in the dryer with a towel for 15 minutes and then laid them out flat to fully dry by the fire overnight. With the alpaca and angora they’re just so soft.. oh what cute, fuzzy little mittens that were so much fun to make!


Woodrow has a birthday this week so we’re meeting for breakfast and my goal is to have my Seacoast Sweater completed. It’s such a warm sweater and it’s been so cold that I’m motivated for the final push. Being a top down knit, the finishing is minimal….. just a sleeve and a third to go!

Thanks for the feedback on the new wide bottomed cases, it was a great suggestion from a great customer… perfect for the heavy and bulky weight cakes of yarn.


I wish you all lots of love for the new year…. Cheers!  Here’s to lots of great knitting 😉 No resolutions here, just taking it as it comes. Into 2018 we go! Let’s enjoy as we knit on.. good women XO



‘To make an end is to make a beginning….’