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Snow and cold have settled in, and isn’t it beautiful. Clear blue skies, clear, stary nights with the waning moon have been stunning….

It’s a busy time with so many scrambling and it’s just so busy. But I’m taking today to check in with you all, and then to putter, stay warm and knit. I’ve started Foster’s stocking over as I wasn’t happy with the yarn, I think it was the yarn. Whatever it was the feeling wasn’t there so now that it feels right, I’m not sure I have the time! Either way it’s a fun project. Off the needles is a very simple cowl out of Malabrigo. It was one of those drool worthy skeins I couldn’t resist, so bought one and used all of it (save a bit for cat play).  Done on an 8 needle with an icord cast on. Long and cozy… and it matches my favorite lip stick so…. perfect 😉 I wore it over the weekend and love it.

We attended Night Fires on Saturday and it was wonderful. A heartfelt combination of song, dance, readings, writings… Thought provoking times and a beautiful message.

Very soon the days start becoming longer and I’m always ready to bring in the light. Cycles. Light, dark, continuous with seasons, the moon..  and e-v-e-r-y day, really. The dark invites us to release and let go, of anything. Bits of tension in the body, a judgmental thought of a loved one, or anyone, or yourself. Light is a time to welcome in, as space in the release has been created. Because as the cycles are in nature, everywhere, so are they within us. Releasing and welcoming in, is natural.

Okay, I’m off to grab a bite, maybe cut out a bag or two, and knit.

Stay well and warm and do some knittin’ kittens should the tensions rise!

Warmly, Martha.