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We had our knit group holiday get together on Friday evening and look at the lovely table! We’d drawn names for gifts and each brought something to eat and let me just say that meeting this lovely group of women certainly has enriched my life in countless ways. That, and there’s gingerbread, and then there’s gingerbread…

good lord was it all yummy….

It was a sweet weekend with a visit with Woody and Al, stopping in at fun shops, woods walking and a full moon walk which was beautiful and as always….. magical. Oh, and I scored some vintage buttons too, always my thrill 😉

There’s nothing like walking in the woods… a world of its own… whether we notice it or not, and again, a magical world.

I worked a bit on the Squiggle Wiggle over the weekend but that’s about it. Still want to wrap my yarn for the Peace Project shawl and Foster’s Christmas stocking is up next. Today I’ll be babysitting for half a day so need to scoot soon. Back this afternoon to maybe pop something up, if not, I’ll have tomorrow.

Back next week…. stay well and warm. Let’s remember to not pile the weight of the world (and family) on our shoulders, shall we good women? Love love….. Martha.