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Here’s hoping y0u all had a sweet time with family and friends and a Thanksgiving of blesssings. Those blessing are always there, just good to notice 😉

I drove to Maine and had a really great time with my sister, her husband and mom in law. Food was great, weather was cold and the drive…. just fine.

I worked on my Squiggle Wiggle What and am transitioning to the darker shade by knitting two rows of light, then darker.. until the light is gone and will finish with just the darker shade. What a squiggly fun knit!

Next up is a project called ‘Project Peace 2017’… an angular shawl with a feather and fan edge. Some of us at knit group are joining in the KAL. Like many of us I have a great stash and have chosen fingering weights for this shawl. I’ll hold two strands together like I did for the Marled Magic shawl… I love the texture of those two weights together, and again I’ll knit on a size 8 needle. Cast on date is December 1st.

All other projects are patient… and it’s time to put thoughts into any Christmas knitting I might want to do. Woody has been busy with his tops and making more nostepinne and darning mushrooms. Beauties!

I’m already hearing friends speak of the stress of the holidays and frustrations of schedules and commitments. It sure can be a high stress time for us all… all the more reason for continued self care. I still feel like I’m playing catch-up since I’ve been back and have the usual mailings and sewing to do. So let me tend to it…..  and oh those deep breaths do help XO

Much love… and geez… let’s all knit on..!