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Just a short one this week….. Friday night I was lucky enough to baby sit and boy did we have fun. We ate, read, played and roared like dinosaurs! Foster is walking now and I had a full two hours with him before bedtime. What a fantastic job they’ve done as he settles beautifully and is asleep in moments.

Saturday I felt like a day out so took a drive up over the mountains to some craft shows and antique shops. I picked up some Christmas gifts and yes….. vintage buttons! With the dark settling in so quickly now, I was lucky to get a walk in when I got home. Sunday morning I was invited to a fund raiser/clothing sale. The cost was $25.00 and did we ever fill bags… What a fun time and a good cause. My afternoon included a walk, cooking and making another bag that sold quickly.


While browsing on Ravelry, I found this designer and love her designs which can be found at Strikkebea’s Ravelry Store. I was so smitten so fast that I purchased a pattern before realizing that the pattern was in Norwegian with no English version. Lucky for me I have a lovely customer who just moved to Norway from Germany, and she was kind enough to translate for me. What I didn’t realize is the mittens are felted, and I purchased a superwash yarn  (which doesn’t felt) but I played with the yarn and am knitting a bulky weight at 4.75 sts to the inch and it’s okay! That’s the gauge I need for proper fit. The cuff I made longer and I’m not sure I like it, but these mittens are fast and I plan on making more…. I’m using Cascade 128 bulky and hope to do some in Lamb’s Pride bulky next…

It was a good ‘bag week’ last week and I’m hoping for another this week, but am off to yoga this morning and then knit group… and then to work. I love Tuesdays! This morning I’ll be working on my Squiggle Wiggle What? which is SO much fun… and these bulky mittens.

With the shorter days and colder temperatures… and with holidays coming up, let’s remember to do what we can to stay grounded. Remember that our own unique inner nourishment is vital as we continue to care for ourselves and in turn, those we love.