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Even though most of the leaves have dropped and the days are growing ever shorter, there’s still the muted color of fading leaves that is subtle and so pretty. I find my schedule shifting as I tend to be higher energy in the afternoon as in working on bags, getting out to walk etc… but in my highest energy time, it’s now dark! So I’m shifting to more of an early to bed, early to rise schedule…. which works well until the night owl in me wakes up 😉  But over the weekend I was able to work and walk and get through the chores before the daylight faded.

It was a good week, my usual. Friday I had my year out check up with my surgeon which was great! Hugs and a good visit and I was out of there! Saturday I had a visit with my mom who turned 91 yesterday. When in that neck of the woods I always enjoy popping into my favorite thrift/junk shops. One shop had a nice section of knitting books and I found a copy of A Gathering of Lace, a Meg Swanson book I’ve never had, so that quickly went into my basket. I was thinking the book came out eight or so years ago but when I looked I saw it was published in 2000! Holy smokes…. time! Actually, looking at the sweater patterns made me wonder about the year as they all looked quite dated. The fit was much looser then, interesting… the lace however is timeless 🙂

I also found these dear examples of early and very fine needlework. They were priced so low and I always want to ‘rescue’ them somehow… maybe because I know the time that went into them, that, and they’re just so sweet! Look at the detail in her bloomers!



And these little birds and berries!



Lastly some beautiful crochet and crewel.




I also grabbed a book on how to draw dragons. No, I don’t draw but winter is coming and hey… dragons!

Yesterday Betsy called and asked if I was interested in some rainy afternoon knitting (YES) so we met up at half way point coffee shop and knit the afternoon away. Before hand though I made a tote and a case and hiked up Mt. Philo! Got to grab the light! Sometimes I feel such a yearning to be in the woods, it’s so cathartic for me and yesterday was no exception.








Onward to knit… my hair my hair! So nice to have it back 🙂

Betsy swatched some one ply merino for a sweater, and I worked on a crocheted mitten. Remember Workbasket magazine? I LOVED it, especially a fall issue from 1994 that has a fabulous crocheted mitten pattern. I made a pair or two for my boys (years ago xoxoxo)  and am stash busting with some lace weight merino and mohair to make myself a pair.


I added some length to what will be the cuff and hope the hand length is okay. My fingers are long and I always tweek my knitted mittens by adding rows before the thumb gore, and even knitting 3 plain rows (instead of two) when doing the thumb gore. The length here is a bit questionable but this mohair sure isn’t coming out, so they may be gifted. I do think the yarns are pretty together… light, lofty and warm so I hope they fit!

Ahhh, it just started pouring! Okay, onward for my day. Looks like it’ll be a cozy one. Stay well, remember to breath deep and take time…. and to knit on good women xo



“If you are mentally somewhere else, you miss real life.” ~ Byron Katie