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Most of the week was catching up from time away at Rhinebeck! I had a shed to clean out and much to do to that’s unrelated to the business of bag making. But the winter clothes are out as are my boots and woolens. Sometimes there’s just a lot to do in ‘normal life and living’ that making the bags just has to wait. And I was tired… Rhinebeck was great fun and it was tiring. So it was a week that felt like catch up.
Woody has been busy making his tops and supplying us all with his beautiful noste’.  I did see some at Rhinebeck but have to say, none were as smooth and finely finished as Woody’s work. We’ve also been chatting about darning eggs… I remember my mom’s old plastic darning egg (!) and through the years have darned socks, and still do.
So no matter how you darn… darn it! 
Yesterday I went to a big craft and antique show and saw a couple of old darning eggs. The woman at the booth said that folks were picking them up and saying, “this rattle doesn’t work.” So, some of us know and some of us don’t! So Woody got busy and made his version of darning eggs which are shaped like mushrooms, are absolutely adorable and stand on their own when not in use! I picked them up on Friday, went to the market and bumped into my friend Lynn who said. “I just darned socks yesterday!” 
I love to darn as I love the way of living that isn’t just throw away and buy more. I tend to things I care about, I like to mend and repair and think many of the younger generation feel the same way.
Also there is a nice supply of noste’ up as well.
Wow, is it ever windy! There are power outages everywhere, I have mine though! Saturday was actually warm and windy and I walked while knitting to the lake. I knit for a bit there (when I wasn’t looking  at beach rocks) and walked and knit back home. Yesterday was rainy all day and though the rain has stopped, the winds are still high.
The goal today is to have two bags up and to find the clothes that blew off the line.
Stay well & warm!