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Bright red on a rainy day last week, there are way more leaves on the ground now. We had such a sweet run of warm days but today it cooled right down and a frost is expected. I still had tomatoes on the vine, so brought them in this afternoon along with basil and lemon thyme. All remaining plants that had spent the summer out came in for the winter and have found their places inside.

Ontheround had a seconds sale on the 5th and I was lucky (and fast 😉  enough to grab three skeins of ‘after the storm’ in Everyday Fingering. I’m thinking of a top town pullover but haven’t decided on the neck, that said I’ve added great patterns in turtle neck, boatneck and cowl neck in my queue 🙂

Squiggle Wiggle What! is such a fun pattern… but I’ve always been a fan of feather & fan! I’m hoping to use two skeins so am spreading out my increases so it won’t be as wide at the end as the pattern calls for. The Everyday Fingering has so much bounce to it so I really had to spread it out to photograph it flat. I’m having a great time with this knit.

I was downtown today so stopped in to say hi to Woody and he was working on a noste’..!


We grabbed a cup of coffee which is always such a treat for me. The foliage colors have been gorgeous! Yesterday the winds were so warm that a walk just didn’t cut it so I took a drive to the orchard and picked apples for an apple crisp. Yes to cider and cheddar cheese too! Last week I picked 8 lbs. of apples and made apple butter. It came out beautifully! Here’s what 8 lbs. yielded… boy does it cook down.

Very pleased! A large portion of it cooked overnight in a slow cooker and the rest I did on the stove top. Prepping bags upstairs I had the timer set and ran downstairs every 5 minutes to stir! Wow was it worth it, fun all around!

I find myself scooting out earlier and earlier to walk as the days grow shorter and shorter. The heat has been turned on and the frost is on the pumpkin!

It was a good week even though I did drop and shatter my cell phone. That’s never fun, so I dealt with that right away.. and ended up choosing a smaller phone again. A customer asked me if I chose an iPhone 10 (I chose and 8)… and didn’t even know there was a 10! 😀 My sister and I were talking the other day saying that if technology were to stop progressing right now (yeah right ) we’d be just fine….

Betsy and I had fun at a local craft show on Saturday and I visited with my old friend Noel at his yard sale. I scooped up a Radio Flier child’s wheel barrow for Foster!!

I’m working to stay focused on bags as Friday Betsy and I leave for Rhinebeck!! Are any of you going? But tomorrow is yoga and then knit group… and I’ve been asked to babysit too (that trumps everything!) and other than that it’s bags before we leave. I want to take some time to look through my queue to have patterns in mind for the weekend, but if I don’t, I’ll just do what I always do and not really plan anything and just buy what I love 😀

Okay I’m ready to shut down, but am going to list a bag before I do. It’s a really great new ‘cityscapes’ fabric! Oh it’s fun..

Here’s to kindness to the self so we can then give freely and peacefully of ourselves.  XO