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Yes I’m still getting tomatoes! All squash has been picked but I’m holding out with the tomatoes. There have been mornings with frost but not in my area. If I do have green tomatoes when a frost hits, I’ll pick them for a green tomato chutney or relish.

I didn’t post last week as I was in Maine visiting my sister and her new hip 🙂 She’s a tough one and is healing well, it’s always good to see her, and Maine.

Yesterday Betsy and I went to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival! The day started out foggy but it lifted and we had beautiful weather. Betsy wore her gorgeous Samen shawl and was stopped more than once by women who couldn’t get enough! We both talked about the fact that we don’t need more yarn, etc etc…. (yeah yeah, got those silly out of the way) and had a blast buying 😀 We’re similar in that we like to see everything first, then go back and purchase. I found myself drawn to lovely pale shades of ivory and gray… my favorites being a 50/50 merino silk blend. Pics next week… One of my favorite finds is a Scandinavian book on mittens. I looked for mitten yarn there but didn’t see anything fine enough, or in shades I wanted. But fear not (!) one of my most loved customers from Germany is in Norway now and offered to pick up yarn I’ve been wanting! I can’t thank Isabel enough… here’s the pic she sent. How yummy!!!

Can you even believe that Foster is a year old now? We had a fabulous celebration! And his dad turns 31 tomorrow, egads! Life 🙂

Here’s my Squiggle Wiggle What! in the fog 😀 …. the yarn is now a favorite of mine. It’s from Ontheround out of Maine, I may have already mentioned it but it’s in my top five yarns of all time, and I’ve seen a lot of yarn! My ‘pops’ of color will be kettle dyed merino from my friend Jen over at Northeast Fiber Arts. Most of the kettle dyes colors I have happen to be in the ontheround skein, and I’ve decided to keep it all in a color family, as opposed to adding wild shades. I brought the project with me two weeks ago to start at knit group, but only had the main color with me and the pattern calls for the icord cast on to be done in a pop color. So I waited. In Maine I cast on with purple and after picking up my first row of stitches, realized I’d twisted it so out it came. Cast on again and thought it was too tight, out it came again. On Tuesday while knitting with Lynn, I cast on in a soft orange and was happy so continued on. A few inches up I realized the icord was too tight…. and really the overall knitting felt tight, out it came again. One more try (after Lynn left) with a darker orange and need I say it again? Out out out…. until I realized I was struggling because I really didn’t like having just that line of color at the beginning. To me it interrupted the pretty flow of the icord as it moved up to the sides. So, I cast on with a larger needle in the main color and then added my first pop (what!) of color. The process of knitting makes me chuckle as it really is just that, a process! And a process I’ve come to enjoy…. maybe I knew all along I’d want to start it with the main color as that’s what I brought to cast on from the get go 😉

The days are much shorter now so I’ve been walking earlier in the evening and love to watch the clouds turn from bright to…..

dark…. and we’re in for some lovely moonlight now. My favorite.

Oh and….. Martha yarn! Didn’t purchase, only photographed! But what fun!


So I’m looking forward to another busy week. Yoga and knit group tomorrow followed by work and more work to get ready for Thursday. I do love the change of seasons, it’s such a time to reflect and gather for the upcoming season. Deep breaths as we go does wonders. Stay well and warm all…. thanks for stopping in and knit on good women!