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Last week simply got away from me! Good morning and it’s another morning of lifting fog… Mitten knitting continues and now I have three pair going. One I started yesterday afternoon for Foster. I was hoping to find Norwegian Baby Ull, but none of the local yarn shops around here carry it. There may be some in my stash but they aren’t the colors I was hoping for. So I decided on Heritage sock yarn from Cascade in a pretty green tweed.


I’m knitting mittens so tiny that thumb or no thumb is the question. But over a year old I think means thumb…. and I found a fabulous little pattern! On the first go I thought the mitten actually looked too small, so started over on a 1.5 needle instead of a 1. I do enjoy the little needles (!) and hope to have them done soon.

Foster turns 1 on Friday! Here he is wearing a vest I knit for his dad 30 years ago! Both of my boys wore it…. We’re all getting together for a party on Friday evening and then Saturday morning I’m off to Maine again to do whatever I can for my sister who’s receiving a new hip tomorrow!
The week of black and white bags was fun… as was coming up with the newest little style. I’m working on two of them to list this afternoon/evening…. maybe I’ll make one for me and my mitten projects….
Brimfield was so much fun with Lynn, even though it was a total washout! But the button haul was  good and I was thrilled to find more refrigerator dishes… I’m working to get away from using plastic containers.
AND I bought a pair of cowboy boots! I’ve never had a pair like this, took one look and fell in love.
Last week I found myself near Northeast Fiber Arts so of course popped in to see Jen…. and to be sure I was set with dpn’s for the upcoming mitten knitting. I love steel needles and even though I’ve used bamboo in the past, I really do prefer metal needles. So what was I thinking when I bought three sets of these??
I was thinking that metal tips on laminated wood was a great idea, as the ends do soften and become dull over time (and she didn’t have steel in the size I wanted). These are by Plymouth Yarns and are  called igKnite Lineaz. I’m happy to have them in my bag of tricks, but they won’t be my go to….. I find the black metal hard on my eyes, unless I’m in bright sunlight. For me it’s hard to beat sharp pointed metal needles, especially in the smaller sizes.
In another shop, to my surprise, I found, fell in love with and purchased this wonderful shawl pin! Years ago bought one at the new Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival but it was two pieces and clearly one too many pieces for me to keep track of , so I’m thrilled to have found this one….
My tomatoes have been stellar this year and I gobble them up as soon as they’re ripe…..
Here’s a pic from the pattern that I’m making for myself. I think these mittens are so pretty! The pattern is called Rhombtwist Mittens and the designer is from Lithuania. She wrote the pattern specifically for magic loop, but I’m making them on dpn’s.
… using a gorgeous blue kettle dyed merino by my friend Jen.
On my way home on Saturday I stopped at a yard sale where everything was .25 cents…. my kind of sale! So I dragged home this old beat up table……
….. scooted out for some red paint and by the end of the afternoon….
Yay… now there’s a spot for my iced coffee and knitting, perfect for the backyard!
So today is all about bags, tomorrow is yoga, knit group and the rest of week is devoted to work. Unless plans change, I’ll be leaving Saturday morning for Maine…
On a personal note, much of the past year and a half has been a challenge for me on many levels. Last week was filled with lots of emotion and ended with a huge cathartic hard sobbing cry. How lovely a  release, and afterwards I felt… back and solidly grounded in myself. Whew…. like I said, cathartic. It’s so important for me feel and understand my emotions and therefore my actions. Good to notice, good to feel and get in touch with, and best of all…. good to be home in myself once again.
Now to sew! Isn’t it just grand to be a knitter?! It certainly is my constant steady, through all the ups and downs of life…..! Blessing be indeed…..