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Yesterday’s batch of pickles looks so pretty in the kitchen! Okay so I did add red pepper this time. I thought anything pickled is tasty and the color is nice. Hopefully they’ll be as good as the last batch! So.. summer squash, red pepper, cauliflower and onions. I did three pint jars and 6 1/2 pints, and love my new half pint jars! My tomatoes are doing well as are the herbs…. like really well, and more squash is on its way..

There was such a great storm the other day…. since then it’s been a run of gorgeous days. I love storms and we really needed the rain. My Dotted Rays was (is) progressing nicely, though yesterday I took out yet another section! Sometimes at night I knit in light that’s clearly too low, as I grabbed the wrong color and did an entire short row section throwing it all off…. and I didn’t notice until the section was done. So out it came…. UG, and I’m SO ready to start my second color on its own. Now there’s an issue with a few of the the icord boarder edging, and I have to decide if I want to tackle that fix or not. It’s not noticeable but my perfectionistic ways (my eyes roll) are niggling at me…..

Oh the squash bread! It was…. wet 😀 And I thought more of the ginger would come through, I’d used both fresh and ground and it was mild. All that said it made delicious toast.

The week was good, busy and quick. I went to the Champlain Valley Fair on Saturday night with my old friend, Noel.. and as always we had fun. We ate some questionable food 😀 and finished it off with fried dough, delish. By the time he dropped me off at home it was dark, wow, shorter days for sure… Oh, these flowers were among my favorites on display…

Such a beautiful deep shade, I couldn’t get enough xoxo

Woody put together another gorgeous grouping of nostepinne, combined wood for the smaller, black walnut and bird’s eye maple this time. I just love his work 🙂

Thanks to those of you who let me know you love the Walking Bag! My shawl lived in mine last week, even though I only walked with it just once. I find it a simple and sweet bag to use anytime.

Okay I’m back to work. Just took a break to eat… made up a nice salad of romaine, carrots, black olives, grapes, my ripe tomatoes and a big dollop of egg salad on top, love eating ripe produce this time a year. There’s nothing like a garden ripe tomato..

Till next week, knit on good women, and remember to be your own best friend. Back next week, love love….