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My first tomatoes and I’m thrilled! Had my first tomato sandwich yesterday and loved every bite. Summer squash is everywhere so today it’s sweet pickle time! Canning is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait for some more.

I started yet another baby fruit hat for a friend’s ¬†granddaughter…. this time, a blueberry! Such a fun knit, and although I’m a wool gal, not everyone is and there is a place for acrylics!

A few of the gals in knit group have purchased this set of interchangables and I’ve joined them! My set arrived on Saturday though I’ve yet to use them. I will say the colors are beautiful, I love the tips and the joins feel great. I’ll let you know!

They’re called “Melodies” from Knitter’s Pride…. (I found mine for less)

Lynn and I did some yard sale-ing on Saturday in Bridport… it was their town wide sale so we had our map and hit every spot we could! I found this book is from 1929 and I love the deco cover. The illustrations are lovely and it’s in excellent shape. Some of these recipes are hysterical! I love it…..

My Dotted Rays is coming along nicely. It’s a fun knit with the rows getting longer and longer all the time!

It had been a run of days since I’d taken myself to the lake so had some sweet lake time over the weekend. Even if I visit for just a few moments, it replenishes me greatly.

Okay I have bags to send out, Betsy is headed over soon for some knitting time… and as always, there are bags to make. Let’s continue this week with balance in mind…. remember, only we can give it to ourselves. And as women it’s not always easy… we can go in so many directions, so be your own best friend and do take care. And as always, we knit…..

Back next week XO