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For years one of my favorite treats about Maine is visiting The Faded Rose in Belgrade. I used to walk to her shop and this year, happily took the 10 minute drive. Her shop is varied, funky, eclectic and in the best of ways, faded. Here are my treasures from this trip… but I can’t find the top to my new (old) refrigerator dish!

I feel likes there’s more, so if I notice something I’ve forgotten, I’ll add it next week. The covered bread pan sent me over the moon! I’ve never seen one with a cover, and I’m really trying to get away from using a lot of plastic, so the cover is just perfect. The green dish is such a lovely shape and color… I see it filled with fruit salad. But for the life of me I can’t find the cover to that dish! The reason I bought it is because of the cover and not having to use plastic! There’s a lot (a LOT) of vintage Pyrex in my kitchen… without a doubt my colorful go to for just about everything… kitchen. The witch is from a 1938 children’s book and what’s not to love… and hollyhocks too! XOXO


The above lovlies came from my various stops on the way home. The stones are from a little place called the Maine Mineral store (a nice couple with a small shop connected to their home). The top stone is amethyst and the bottom is from Maine, Lepidolite and mica, just beautiful! The plate I dove at… deco & chrome XO. And the coasters are well…. I’m guessing aluminum? I needed coasters and these are sleek, stackable, have pretty flowers etched on them and remind me of my mom 🙂

The latest batch of nostepinne’s flew! Yes I had to have one….  He plans on making them steadily so if you’ve been wanting one, keep an out out for more.

The Walking Bag has been lots fun to make (and use). It’s light and easy… and light and easy to carry too. I missed posting bags today but will list two tomorrow afternoon (even though it’s Wednesday) and one will be a walking bag.

My Dotted Rays is coming along! It’s amazing to me the times, even after 40 years of steady knitting, that I feel completely incompetent with a project. And this is a beautifully written project! 😀 Good grief…. after ticking back so many times with a stitch count that was off, I finally took it all out and started from scratch. Hours of knitting…… and isn’t that just the way of it…. and don’t we really love it all xo . Oh and then that glorious moment of changing color …….

And suddenly I can’t knit fast enough….  We had knit group today and Lynn’s Dotted Rays is further along and gorgeous! She’s using a luscious trio from Hedgehog Fiber’s.

I went one more time to the Addison County Field Days with an old friend and again just loved the wall of vegetables! The colors are so vibrant and well, it’s just such a sweet agricultural fair. And thanks Noel for snapping a shot of my Samen Shawl for my projects page!

The drape is lovely and I love how the short end drapes over first and the long ends wraps to close it. From yoga this morning to knit group and mailings, it’s been a busy day. I’m off to have a simple dinner of garden squash and chick peas. There’s a gentle rain outside and the wind is sweet…. this time of year is so special, I feel the days shorten and don’t want to miss even one evening walk. Maybe that’s one of the best things about living where the seasons change… it keeps me in a state of appreciation because one way or another, I know what’s around the corner. Till next week, be well good women and let’s knit on together.