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What a blessing last week was. I feel like I was gone a month, and honestly could easily have stayed longer.

Some folks love to go away and do lots of things….. not me. I like to get away and have time to flop. Read, dock time and of course knitting are my choices. And to unplug. My phone died and was dead for two days… good timing and I found myself thinking of it very little (other than I really didn’t want an errand to replace it for the drive home). When it did suddenly come back to life, I felt relief and …. oh, it’s back. So being unplugged from screens and beeps and notifications was divine. I think most of us really, have a love/hate relationship with our devices….

We stayed on Great Pond in Belgrade. My trips out (very few) were to Yardgoods and Giffords for my favorite peppermint milkshake. Yardgoods is a large shop and includes sewing machines, dressmaker fabric, upholstery fabric downstairs and a fabulous yarn and notions section. There’s not much of a website, buy boy are they helpful over the phone! When away, I love to find yarns that might not be in my area, and sure enough, I was thrilled to find speckled yarn from Maine! Her company is Ontheround and I chose ‘everyday fingering’. Superwash merino, 2 ply, 425 yards…. and 20% off! It is luscious and I plan on using for my Squiggle Wiggle What? I worked mainly on my Dotted Rays and did rip back a few times… great pattern and I’m really enjoying it. Oh… and I finished my Samen! While in Maine 🙂 Whenever I think I might not block a piece, I end up blocking it aggressively 😀 I’m thrilled with it!




It’s large and warm, soft and wispy. Perfect…. and what fun to lay it on the dock to dry.

Woody and Al were able to come over for three nights and we all got in some great kayaking.

We were lucky with the weather too…. gorgeous hot sunny days and dock time until the sun went down. Evenings consisted of games, talk and cribbage…. and do I even need to say knitting? Knitting is always with me….. as it is with most of you I’m sure. So I could have stayed longer, but am so filled with happiness that I went and am filled with love and gratitude for my health and family. And time with my sister? As they say…. priceless.

First thing this morning was a check up with my oncologist and all is well. Wow, just passing through the chemo room, the smell….. brings me back and I find I can’t scoot out of the hospital fast enough! Home now and back to work. Next week I’ll show my yummy finds from the shops I popped into on my way home. And what a sweet surprise to come home to ripe summer squash! My mystery squash revealed…..!

Good to get away, good to be home. Rejuvenated. Life is good…..


Till next week…. knit on good women xo