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I’m a day late,  does that mean I’m a dollar short??? Gettings all…. I am a day late because yesterday I picked up these lovely smaller noste’ from Woody! Like many of you I love all the mini and mini gradient skeins that are so popular (and fun) out there now. My friend Vanessa has been sending me my monthly Supernatural mini skeins that I love! I have a vacation coming up and plan to start working with them, I have over 20 to wrap. Not sure how many of Woody’s large nostepinne I have, four maybe? I love them and use them steadily. The very first noste’ he ever turned was a few years back now (!) it’s small and is my go-to for some of my thinner yarns, and because it’s smaller, I asked him to make some specifically that size for 1) mini skeins and 2) travel. I’m thrilled to offer them as he does such lovely work, okay, he’s my son… but really!

The week was busy and good. I’m finally on my last color of the Samen shawl and it is moving along steadily. Slow steadily…. but steadily 😉  I worked on it this morning at knit group, always so sweet.

Sunday morning I went blueberry picking and picked almost 4 pounds! They’re in the freezer now, beautiful big berries!

It’s been a long, very long time since I’ve had a break and Friday morning I head to Maine for a week!! I’ve rented a camp on the lake and plan on doing a whole lot of….. whatever I want (!) which will be knitting (how not surprising) reading, swimming, kayaking and whole lot of raft time… My sister lives close by so sister time will be included, yay! I plan on a good listing for Thursday, the push before the break. Also one of my favorite yarn shops is in Waterville and that’s always a favorite stop. I really truly can’t wait. And hopefully I’ll find droves of vintage buttons along the way. I enjoy stopping at lots of antique/junk shops, just love the hunt 😉

I’m off to list the smaller new noste’,  I’m so excited to offer them! So I’ll be back with all sorts of vacation news and project updates on August 7th. Until then stay well good women and knit on…. and breath deeply XO