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Mid summer is such a sweet time of year and my walks to the lake are, every single time, magical. The sweet smell of summer and the fire flies at night…. and of course those luscious full moons.

A dear friend’s daughter got married on Saturday and we worked on her dress together. It was a store bought dress with a gorgeous multi draped train in thick satin. We cut off the train, worked it, and tacked it back to the ‘top part’  which was, after the train was removed, a short fitted dress. But the dress was too short so we made a 3″ band out of purple lace that ‘velcroed’ to the bottom adding length. So after the ceremony and greeting of love and congratulations, we cut the tacks, added the dress band and…. a beautiful little cocktail dress! I made two shrugs… one in white to go with her dress, and the other in purple to match the lace band at the bottom. We were thrilled that it all actually worked 😀

On my way to the wedding, notice my knitting bag in the back!

The weather cleared just in time for the festivities and remained clear and beautiful throughout the night. It was a great time and it was fun to dress up!!

I’m on the last short row wedge of my Samen Shawl and Betsy was right… the rows start to take forever! After this wedge I’m on to my final color so stay tuned…

I got home late from the wedding Saturday night (Sunday morning, actually!) so took time yesterday to re-group and rest. I picked raspberries in the morning which is always a favorite summertime activity for me. There weren’t many people there (under five) so I had much of it to myself, and I saw an Indigo Bunting! I had seen one years ago, and looked up Sunday at just the right time… what a vision they are, and so fleeting! I felt honored. After delivering some berries to a friend with a sore back, I came home with ‘get a bag done’ playing in my head, but decided I was tired and summer is short. So I made jam, knit and read the afternoon away…… And today, I’m all the better for it XO

Till next week….. let’s knit on, good women 🙂