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Monday greetings 🙂  An old friend of mine was given tickets to the big annual Quilt Show at the fairgrounds, so we went on Saturday and had a blast. It’s a huge, judged show and the variety and workmanship was impressive. I was surprised that the newer quilts were all machine quilted, save a bit of hand stitched appliqué’, but there were some beautiful quilts from the mid to late 1880’s…. with vibrant colors. As we know the sun bleaches out so many fabrics over time, so to see such colors in something so old was pretty breathtaking for me.

Stunning! From 1880.

One of my favorite National Geographic articles was on Masters of their trade, handwork in a variety of arenas. I remember a western saddle maker, a Mardi’ Gras mask maker (none of them spring chickens… hence Masters) and a quilt maker. The quilt maker did all the piecing and quilting by hand, and spoke of 9 stitches per in the outer quilting (that’s the goal). Wow. So when close to the old quilts I looked to see and sure enough, to my eye it looked like 9 sts to the inch. I could only smile and appreciate…. and once again feel that close connection to women and the way we resonate to each other with our love of hand work as the connecting thread.

1840! Look how deep the blue is…..

For years I’ve had a Quilts and Quotes birthday book…. a treasure to me because of all the names I’ve written in throughout the years. Anyway, one of my favorite sayings is, “I pray the risen from the dead I may in glory stand, I need no crown upon my head but a needle in my hand.”  Yup, I get that.

I could have looked at this one for hours. 2017

Such lovely appliqué’…. makes me want to do it again!

Small wall hanging, I fell in love instantly 😉

Looking at the entire piece was breathtaking…

These shades always melt me, something in the softness.

Wall hanging, so striking.

I think this was a King size, Queen at least… a mind boggling amount of work.

Yes, it’s a quilt!

Hand applique and machine stitched.

Wall hanging… so pretty!

Based on crop circles… I was fascinated!

A bite out afterwards made for a very nice day. Today I’ve been puttering and tending to needed little tasks and it feels good to slow a bit. I’ve got a head cold so am taking good care and not pushing. Good grief it took me years to do that (and feel good about it) as opposed to the push push with ‘just so much to do’.

From my little garden.

I’m on the third wedge in the Samen shawl, Lynn might have hers done and Betsy is almost finished too! I’ll try to get pics of all three as (of course) they’re very different. Knit group tomorrow so we’ll see! The humidity has passed and the dry air is perfect for me…. and just under 70, my favorite temperature too. Till next week….. breath deeply and remember to notice the flowers XO

Next to the daisies xo