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Good Monday morning to you! It was a good week, lovely weather. The weekend was town wide yard sale day, so a friend and I headed out and hit the ones we could…. always fun! While waiting for a restaurant to open, we spent time in a book store and on the sale rack I found this:

With all the patterns on Ravelry, it’s rare that I purchase any knitting book, but at $8.00 I couldn’t pass it up. Pretty knits! Our knit group is knitting today instead of our usual Tuesday so I’ll bring it to show. Show & tell 😉

In Friday’s mail was my next installment from the Supernatural Sock Club my good friend Vanessa is running. Yes, I’m a geek and love love love Supernatural 😀 She and a friend hand dyed the yarns and they’re named after certain episodes starting with season 1. My thought is to make small crocheted squares into a join as I go wrap.

I worked in my little garden yesterday and just love these long days and the evening light is just so sweet. I find I want to be outside all the time!

I had a visit from Taylor and Foster on Saturday morning and he wants to walk so badly, pulling himself up on everything… He’s almost 9 months old… already XOXO!  Such a little love and my heart swells every time I see him..

Okay I’m off to knit group! The Samen shawl is still the project I’m working on though my fingers are itchy to at least wrap the yarn for my next project. Have a great week all. Much love & knit on!  XO