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Well there’s no doubt that warm is upon us now… it hit 90 yesterday and looks like the same for today. It was a good and productive week for me. I’d thought I’d find time to sew over the weekend but didn’t. Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day and Nido, along with Must Love Yarn, hosted a get together at one of Burlington’s parks. Rain was expected so we were all glad when it moved along and made way for sunshine. Betsy and I both worked on our Samen shawls, the shawls we started at the workshop. That’s one of the many things I love about getting together with fellow knitters…. the endless possibilities of color.

There was a grill going, yummy desserts and salads that we’d all brought and raffle prizes! Lucky me won a Norah Gaughan pattern book called framework. From there it was a visit to see Woody in his studio and a nice evening working on my little garden. Herbs are in, most of the weeding is done and fresh perennials have been added too. My pots are mostly filled though I’d love just a couple more…. a couple more perennials too! Love love love to play in the dirt and the full moon is always the perfect time to plant.

The lake is just over a mile down the road and I try to ride it daily. As a little girl my family spent a lot of time outside in nature… lakes, rivers, streams and mountains, and my mom showed us by example to notice the little things. At the beach last week I noticed a little twig that fascinated me with its twistings and turnings, so I picked it up. When I returned looking, I noticed a heart shaped stone, and another, and another. I decided to gather enough to make a healing wreath for myself. Lee, whose yoga classes I attend twice weekly (going on 12 years now) over the years has spoken of the little things we can do for ourselves to heal with nature. Or really it’s as simple as tending to oneself through slowing down enough to notice. So now I toss on my pack and when I’m there I become a gatherer of heart shaped stones and whatever else calls to me. Once home, I place them all in a pretty bowl and when ready, I’ll make the wreath.

The ride to the lake is mostly downhill, so it’s and quick (and so panoramic!). Heading back however is steep, but I find when I put my bike it its lowest gear, I can make it. The trick for me though is to not look up to the top of the l-o-n-g, steep hill ahead of me. When I do that, I see the seemingly endless way ahead, lose steam and walk. But when I don’t look up, when I keep my eyes just where I’m at, I pedal steadily to the top. And isn’t that the way with life?



Till next week…. knit on good women,