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img_0844Life has been good and it’s good to be here. I welcome in this damp and rainy Sunday. The fire is roaring, beautiful classic music is playing and I think I’ll do some yoga after this. I might work and I might not… it’s been awhile since I’ve had a good long sit of knitting. It seems lately that I get to it for brief bursts, but would love to make some further progress today. Due to the severe case of ‘startitis’ I’ve had, there are many projects to choose from (oh how I love that!)


Another one of my favorite yarn shops is closing, drat! I found the shop two years ago when we moved to this area and it’s also where knit night is. We’ve talked about meeting in a different location, but oh I will miss the shop. That said I’ve also been enjoying their 20% off sale! The closing date is December 23rd so I’m sure the % off will increase. I’ve found though that if you want sweater or larger project quantities, it’s good to get there early and 20% is a nice savings….

…. Okay I’m back. I just put together some buckwheat flour muffins, this is a flour I’ve never used before. It’s high in protein and is also alkaline.
Before I forget… in a bowl I added:

1/2 large grated large carrot
2 eggs
1/4 C walnut oil
1/4 C milk
flaked coconut
hemp seed
1/2 chopped banana
1/2 chopped pear
3 T honey
1/3 C oats
1/2 cup ww flour
3/4? C buckwheat flour

1/2 tsp soda
1/2 tsp powder
oh and about 6 chocolate chips 😀
… made 5 big muffins

We’ll see!

Little Foster and all are doing well! He’s smiling and making all sorts of great sounds and expressions…. yum yum XO
I have two sweaters almost done for him so think I’ll work on those. I’m also crocheting with that big bulky Bernat cotton yarn in a play mat, that’s fun for sure…
Muffins are out of the oven and they’re great! Not very sweet though, so along with my gob of butter I’ve sprinkled on coconut sugar. I LOVE to experiment with baking! So yes, life is nice. Family, friends all well and I am too. I have my backbend back in yoga and am very happy about it. I ‘opened’ an area near my scar that felt intense but good….. I’m glad to be working that area. It took me a bit to get that posture back, boy, use it or lose it happens fast (!)  but you know…. getting it back is fast too. It’s interesting in that a few people I’ve bumped in to have shyly asked questions like…. ‘Did they get it all?’ ‘Are you okay now?’ And I think other people think about it more than I do. My answer is always something like… “I feel great and am happy to be here.” I’ve gone through it and it’s gone and over, to my mind. I, and anyone who’s been through this, can get their ‘odds’ of a return visit, but there’s a number I don’t need to know and am peaceful not knowing. Because no one knows anything… in that anything that isn’t right here right now is nothing more than, nothing. So I find I do less and less projecting and am living more peacefully where I’m at. I’d say thumb’s up if you want to give the muffins a go! 350 convection bake to start, down to 325 after 5 or so minutes. Baked them for about 20 min…

I like big muffins!

I like big muffins!


Well the radio has turned to jazz and all is well… off for my day. Hope you enjoy yours,


Mr. Marbles!


Winter storm warning for tomorrow….. here we go!  XO